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Fully remote, 4-day working weeks, flexible hours, and a digital nomad policy: live your best life while at Reboot.

Get to know us Rebootians

We are proud of the diverse range of talent we have at Reboot. Balancing our team's specialisms creates results we could not achieve in silo.

We are


We’re quick to adapt, fast-paced and productive to work with.


We’re tenacious in our work, purposeful in our approach and strive for results no matter what may come our way.


We ask the right questions, at the right times to reach the most powerful solutions.


We don’t hesitate to ask big questions and make bold statements.

What you could do with your Friday off

Does the weekend go by too quickly for you? Not at Reboot.

We produce some of the best work in the industry and we can only do that when all of the team has enough energy. So, we work 4-day weeks to give all team members the chance to fully relax and bring their best selves to work from Monday to Thursday.


Our Ops Director, Zoe loves to spend her Fridays getting active. From boxing to bouldering, she's always up for trying something new.


Digital PR manager, Georgina, loves to spend her Fridays off having date days with her husband. So far they've met raccoons, had cooking lessons and even had a helicopter ride.


Our Ops Director, Zoe loves to spend her Fridays getting active. From boxing to bouldering, she's always up for trying something new.


Our CEO and Founder, Shai, loves to spend his Fridays spear fishing. Meet Flakey his seal friend!

Doesn’t a 4-day
week mean less


Our 4-day week means you’ll get 100% of the pay for 80% of the time in exchange for a commitment to achieve 100% productivity. Plus, you'll get 20 days holiday (+BHs), your birthday off and an extra 3 days off at Christmas.

Think about what you could be doing with your extra day off:

  • Taking a long weekend break in the UK or abroad
  • Finally getting back into that hobby you haven’t had time for
  • Treating yourself to a day of self-care
  • Getting those pesky errands out of the way
  • Staying in bed all day (we’re not judging!)


Alexa, Digital PR Account Director, loves to explore and hike on her Fridays off! From Scotland to Snowdonia, she's always having an adventure

Status: Working from
this week

If the 3-day weekend isn’t enough freedom for you, don’t worry. We also have a digital nomad policy.

Fancy an evening in a tapas bar in Barcelona, or want to start your working day walking along the River Spree in Berlin?

With us, you can.

Break up your year by working in other countries. You can spend up to a month per annual leave year outside of the UK — the best part is this doesn’t eat into your annual leave allocation. You can work as normal, but the difference is, you can explore as soon as you close your laptop.

Career progression at Reboot


Laura was the first to trial our Nomad Working Policy and worked in sunny Spain for a month visiting family!

Insane career growth — that’s what we promise at Reboot.

If you’re committed to stepping up your game each and every day, then there’s no ceiling to what you can achieve. Move from entry roles all the way to director level. Our guided career pathways make knowing what you need to do to move up the ladder a breeze, we’ll tell you exactly what each role involves.

Not everyone wants to be a manager. We know that. That’s why we offer different ways to progress at Reboot. Become a specialist in your field and contribute to the company that way — paving the way for new ways of thinking and exciting new ventures.


Laura was the first to trial our Nomad Working Policy and worked in sunny Spain for a month visiting family!

All our other Perks

Bonus scheme

We want to share our success throughout all of the business. Get in on the action with our bonus schemes.

If Reboot is doing well, all members of the team will benefit from it.

Flexible working hours

Some of us are early birds, others are night owls. It’s the way of the world.

You know when you work best, and we give you the option to choose your hours — working when you’re at your most productive.

Healthcare cash plan

Having access to private healthcare can give you peace of mind that, if anything were to happen, you’d be taken care of by the best.

We’ve chosen the best healthcare plan that makes claiming back easy.

When we meet
in person

Although we’re a fully remote agency, we still understand the importance of getting together. It’s during this time when some of the best ideas are born.

We hold quarterly meetups where the whole team can get together to socialise and brainstorm. Getting that much-needed face-to-face interaction with our colleagues can leave you invigorated and full of new ideas.

But that’s not the only time we get together. Coffee, meetings, training sessions, parties, you name it. We have team members throughout the UK, so these get-togethers are dotted about — there’s sure to be one that’s
convenient for you.

The proof is in the pudding
Employee testimonials

I'm really enjoying having Fridays off; it's inspired me to start practising yoga. I discovered a studio near me, with a lovely atmosphere and an amazing teacher, she offers early 'wake up and flow' sessions in the mornings. It's such a refreshing routine to attend the class, and after I always have a walk into the city for a coffee and a leisurely stroll. This ritual not only sets a positive tone for the weekend but also introduces me to a new hobby.

Emma Powell
Digital PR Executive

Having Fridays off means I'm able to put my health first. Over the past few months, I've been using Fridays to take care of myself by exercising and meal-prepping for the week ahead. Having Fridays off from work at Reboot not only provides me with a rejuvenating break (almost feeling like a mini holiday) but also enhances my work-life balance, allowing for increased productivity and my overall well-being.

Vanessa Lima
Senior Digital
PR Executive

“Our Nomad Working initiative allowed me to spend quality time with family members living abroad who I don’t get to see very often, creating invaluable memories.”

“Work-wise, it didn’t make any difference due to there only being a one-hour time difference and robust WiFi in my area. This meant that I got to spend lunches sunbathing by the pool, enjoy evenings with my loved ones, and with the extra perk of a three-day weekend, I had plenty of time to explore.”

“I’m already eagerly anticipating the next opportunity to relive this experience — especially after not having much of a summer here in England!”

Laura Wilson
Digital PR Manager

Reboot is filled with passionate people who love what they do, and everyone is keen to help out and support others whenever they can. It’s a truly remarkable agency.

Jade Halstead
Marketing Manager

Last year, I took a leap of faith and left a job I'd been in for almost a decade (where I'd been surrounded by some of the best people I've ever had the pleasure of working alongside) to come work on the team at Reboot. For me. this was huge, but I'm happy to say it paid off more than I ever hoped it could do.

I work alongside some truly incredible colleagues, many of whom have quickly become firm friends! The supportive nature and all round positive vibes from people across each of the teams is a real testament to working life here. Equally, moving from a five-day week to working a 4-day week here has been truly life-changing, and something I'd really struggle to give up.

Friday's off means more time for wellness and self-care. The majority of mine are spent on little solo dates with myself (and my dog, Betty, in tow). Whether it's tiny things like getting life admin out of the way, lazy mornings in bed when it's cold and dark outside, or getting out for longggg walks, the extra day really works wonders for both my mental and physical health, and I feel so lucky to be able to enjoy it every single week - 6 months on and the novelty definitely hasn't worn off.

Alexa Cobbold
Digital PR Account Director

What I like about working at Reboot is that the company acknowledges and celebrates the distinct talents and strengths of every team member, weaving them together to form a dynamic expertise that drives us towards our common goals and ultimately benefits our clients' growth. At Reboot,

teamwork is not just a buzzword; it is the foundation of our success. The support I have received goes beyond wires and creates a fun and collaborative environment for creativity, which helps us bond despite the physical distance.

Noura Haimami
Digital PR Executive

Having Fridays off has been a game changer for me, I have enough downtime at the weekend to fully relax, meaning I come in on Monday re-charged and am super productive for the 4 days we are in.

Zoë Blogg
Operations Director

Reboot has seen enormous growth since I joined a couple of years ago, and the most important factor in keeping it a great place to work throughout is the people. Every team is so packed with talent, kindness and respect, and the company's leaders are genuinely committed to making Reboot a pleasant place to work. They are just as passionate about being frontrunners in employee wellbeing as they are about developing their brand and growing the company.

Alasdair Lindsay
Digital PR Manager

As a German PR specialist, I love being able to work in Germany regularly. It allows me to get a closer perspective on all the media trends and sentiments in the country at the time, which informs my market research, and being able to spend more time with my family just means the world

Janina Ardnt
German Specialist

Reboot has created an environment that breeds positivity, where everyone strives to bring each other up in a collective effort to succeed. The best example of Reboot’s culture is not having the sinking feeling on a Sunday that you have work in the morning, it’s more of a motivation to get cracking on the week ahead.

Euan Jones
Digital PR Executive

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