Diversity Policy

At Reboot Online Marketing Company Ltd, we are committed to creating a company workforce which is vibrant, fully inclusive and diverse. Diversity is a complex and thought provoking topic however our company ethos has always been that regardless of age, gender, religion, culture or sexual orientation we believe opportunities should exist equally for everyone.

Our employee profiles are broad and includes people of different ages, gender and religions. We also believe that external factors such as education and social education should not be a barrier to us finding true talent. We openly support flexible working hours including options to work from home and have a number of part time positions to ensure we find people who have the drive to succeed regardless of their personal circumstances. We are proud that 65% of our workforce is female and 40% of our staff work part time. Our primary focus is to nurture talent and we offer incentives and rewards for employees who are self-motivated and display exemplary work ethics.

We recognise that our diverse team of staff have contributed towards our company’s growth and success as well as achieving great results for clients. We will continue to push the boundaries of diversity and strive to offer opportunities for all.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Reboot Online Marketing Ltd endeavours to be a responsible company. From looking after its staff, promoting equal opportunities, supporting the local community, helping with environmental issues and supporting a happy working environment we are committed 100%.


Our greatest asset is our employees and we strive to nurture this in any way we can. From staff incentives, rewards, team building tasks, days out, training and nights out we think a happy employee attributes directly to the success of our company.


We complete regular audits and checks to ensure the integrity and security of the company is kept intact. Our management team have the responsibility of managing information security, risk management and enforcing security policy. Training is provide to all staff members which safeguards data, information security and avoids any anomalies.


Where possible we try to make environmental savings which in turn reduces our carbon footprint. Our codes of practice include recycling, reducing waste, encouraging reduced printing and paper use and reducing pollution of land, air and water.