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Social platforms are all free for businesses to join and post. So why, according to ONS statistics, are only 60% of businesses using social media?

A social media marketing agency control the creation, planning and constant observation of shareable content that you put across different platforms online. As something of social media experts, coming up with viral ideas that will target, engage and convert your audience is an artform that we have down to a t.

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At Reboot, we understand that you might not have the resources to dedicate to building a social presence, so we would love to be the social media marketing company for you.

What Social media marketing can Reboot do for you?

Set up social accounts: If you don’t have your social media profiles out there, we will do this for you- making sure you are on the right platforms for your business.

Create shareable and engaging content: This will help spread awareness of your company, driving customer action. We will plan what and when the best online content for your business should be published.

Reach your audience where they are: We look into who your customers are, where they are and what interests them.

Coax customers to review your business: Social media is the perfect opportunity for your fanbase to leave you great reviews and help you build a fantastic business reputation online.

Connect with influencers: By reaching out over social media to leaders in your field, you can also reach their network and grow your business’ potential customer base.

Become a leading voice in your industry: Coming up with great content on social media means you become a source of industry knowledge, growing followers and legitimising your brand.

A social media agency that can help socialise your business engage. share. connect

Social media is an important extension of your brand. If your company has a poor social presence you will have to work much harder to reach potential customers.

Successful businesses are built on good relationships and trust. Social media marketing, when used in the right way, can help to develop connections and build that trust.

Your company should be taking advantage of social media’s powerful influence to reach more targeted customers and help grow your business online. If you don’t know where to begin, then our social media agency can show you .

Setting up

If you haven’t yet ventured into the world of Facebook or simply don’t have time for Twitter, we can help. We can advise you on the platform that best suits your company and set up your accounts so you’re ready to go.

Already have accounts? Reboot’s specialised social media team will carry out a social media audit to identify the need for any improvements. Your brand should be recognisable and consistent across all social media profiles. By optimising your social media marketing we can boost your online presence making it easier to connect with your target audience.

Content creation

Each social media platform has a unique audience; therefore it is important to choose a social media company that understands how to create individual posts to reflect that. Cross-posting, posting the same content across multiple social networks at the same time, is not recommended. Followers will soon lose interest if they see the exact message across all accounts.

Creating engaging shareable content is crucial in grabbing the attention of your audience. Reboot’s social media marketing expertise ensures the right mix of engagement and action is communicated to keep your followers interested.

Brand Awareness

The online world is a crowded place so how can your company be heard? Our carefully crafted and timely posts will ensure your brand stands out. By regularly posting relevant and useful content your company will gain trust and followers.


The more followers you have the more successful you are, right? Unfortunately this is not always the case. Some social media agencies buy followers for their clients or follow hundreds of others in the hope that they will reciprocate. These methods will give the appearance of thriving accounts but in reality it will not benefit their business. Attracting followers that regularly engage with your posts is far more beneficial than having thousands that ignore you.

Successfully promoting your brand will increase your follow count organically, which will in turn create engagement and drive traffic to your website.

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