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By : Louis Cooper on Jul 19, 2016

The Changing Face of Marketing Communications

Marketing communications are quite different from 10 years ago, a marketing professional would have had television advertising, direct mail and cold calling at their arsenal to try and persuade people to buy their products. TV advertising and direct mail are still widely used today and are variably successful, but new mediums have taken hold. The Trimurti illustrated in the feature image show the three essential aspects of Shiva; creation, protection...

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By : Rachel Barton on Jul 12, 2016

The Impact of Brexit on low/high skilled jobs

The weeks preceding the European Referendum saw a delicate and multifaceted issue defiled by divisive rhetoric and scaremongering from both brazen demagogues and from polarised members of the general public. Finger-pointing and point-scoring became the main political agenda, and this behaviour has since continued past the announcement of the leave campaign having secured an overall majority (with 51.9% voting to leave, against 48.1% voting to remain). The result? A somewhat...

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By : Tamir Davies on Jun 22, 2016

Art of visual content marketing

In today’s day and age, embarking on an online content marketing campaign can be make or break to a business. If your business is hot on content, you will know there is a strong emphasis on the success a business can generate against its content. Whether you have a blog, produce articles for publications or produce your own data led projects, a content campaign can produce an unprecedented online growth...

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By : Leila Glen on Jun 14, 2016

Skyscraper Technique

With more and more online digital marketing outlets popping up all over the place, competition to get your content widely read is rife. Content creators are having to raise their game and become more and more creative in order to outsmart the competition and drive traffic to their websites. Marketers are attempting to mix up styles of content in order to capture their target market’s attention; from lists to infographics...

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By : Louis Cooper on Jun 1, 2016

Choosing an SEO Company

Don’t be fooled. Choosing an SEO company is not an easy task for a business owner. And the chances are you’re not doing this for the first time. It’s a minefield out there. Google is an extremely complex system, that like any specialism requires expertise to manage. And many businesses just don’t have the capabilities to take on SEO work themselves. So how do you go about making one of...

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By : Tamir Davies on May 27, 2016

Going Mobile Friendly

60% of mobile traffic comes from mobile phones. That’s an incredibly high figure. The power of the internet and in particular Google is engaging a nation into using and relying upon a single platform for the acquirement of knowledge. 32 million phones are said to be purchased every year in the UK and having a website that is mobile friendly is no longer optional. Going mobile friendly is a necessity...

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By : Rachel Barton on May 23, 2016

How to continue working without internet

The majority of companies experience some form of technical glitch over their lifespan. When technology fails, it is important to have an effective plan ready, so that even if the problem takes longer than first anticipated to fix; it does not halt the company’s proceeding or effective running. Businesses are now heavily reliant on technology, but this, despite being a major facet of most processes, is not the only facet....

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By : Tamir Davies on May 19, 2016

5 user-friendly ways to decrease bounce rates on your site

There is nothing more exhilarating than beginning your business and going online. Congratulations! But the bad news is, you’re now one of billions on the web and standing out is a tough nut to crack. There are hundreds, if not thousands of ways you can keep visitors on your site for longer and reduce your bounce rates. What a lot of people who launch websites seem to forget is that...

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By : Leila Glen on May 11, 2016

How to optimise text structure on your blog

It’s well known that good unique content and attractive visuals make for a good blog post that is more likely to rank well on Google, however many of us don’t consider the actual structure of our text as important. As it turns out, the better you structure your blog and paragraph text, the more SEO optimised your blog will be and the higher you will therefore rank on Google. Why...

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By : Shai Aharony on May 5, 2016

The Legality Of Negative SEO - Legal Experts View

UK and US Internet Law experts divulge how much victim protection the law actually provides… The internet has fast become the primary (if not sole) source of income for many businesses. Hence, Google rankings can make or break you; remaining on the master search-engines’ good side is essential for any small business owner’s livelihood. As discussed in a previous blog post, here at Reboot Online, we were not only victims...

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