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Reboot are the magic behind successful digital PR campaigns, enchanting journalists with our creative genius to ensure our clients receive the online coverage they need to be at the top.

The term Digital PR has been part of the digital marketing world for some time now, but its true value and definition has never been pinned down until now. As a digital marketing company, our digital PR services are a unique brew of traditional PR mixed with SEO expertise.

At its core, we help our clients benefit from their online coverage. Our research generates organic backlinks which strengthen visibility whilst building an awareness of their brand.

International viral campaign that gained more than 90 placements
Industry-led campaign that led to more than 30 links

Creating viral campaigns

and dominating the media space is at the very heart of what we do as part of our digital PR services. From sourcing data, to conducting surveys and designing powerful graphics, our end goal is to engage the right journalists, at the right time, and we certainly have a knack for it.

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Why should we carry out your digital PR?

We have an imaginative team who are ready to construct campaigns that are digitally driven and equipped to distribute to an extensive database of journalists we work closely with.

What we can do for your business:

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that draw on industry specific topics, creating a brand persona

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Earn authoritative links

to your site from major publications; national newspapers, magazines and online news sites to name but a few, elevating your ranking position

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Bolster your social media presence

campaigns which have your name on them will spread across social media platforms, reaching a whole new audience.

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Make your brand more recognisable

whilst continuing to grow dominance in your field

While most digital PR agencies concentrate on buying guest blogging placements for their clients, the team at Reboot have been developing their amazing digital PR link earning methodology. Continually evolving, Reboot’s digital PR services are built upon a rare, difficult to replicate, combination of skills that we believe make our digital PR agency unique compared to other digital PR agencies. Here’s why:

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We strive to create compelling campaign ideas for our clients which ensures high engagement and interest from journalists and online publications. Think your business field is too niche? Why not put us to the test!

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Having had years of sending out the highest quality research to journalists, our digital PR specialists have built up our reputation in such a way that journalists trust and even rely on the content we provide. This means we have one of the best open rates for emails; a hard nut to crack. You can have the best idea in the world but if journalists have no desire to open and read the research, then it’s completely worthless.

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Our team of dedicated content creators work incredibly hard to provide our clients with the results they’re after. Our tenacity is the difference between an open email, ensuring we persevere until we earn those valuable and authoritative links resulting in placements for your site.

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viral campaigns

Our online PR team has the perfect blend of traditional PR and SEO knowledge. In doing so, we know how to create content that goes viral. Our “Laura Arnolds” publicity stunt for a housing client was published by more than 1,000 publications across the globe. It even made it to Indonesia, Vietnam, Lebanon, India and Pakistan. Our ideas are without borders.

So many digital public relations companies claim they have what it takes to create successful digital PR, yet so few have the required skillset needed to produce a successful digital PR campaign. When looking for a digital marketing agency, always ask for examples of recent work and results so you can compare wisely.

Here at Reboot, we are proud of our results and you can see all the PR placements we have achieved recently for all our clients on our placements page. Something that no other Digital PR firm provides.


Let our in-house journalists elevate your brand authority by earning natural links from the content we create, highlighting how your business is at the forefront of your sector. Our journalism service is a key way of expressing knowledge of your field; an integral part of digital PR.

Outreach Service

By far the most crucial stage of any digital PR campaign, content outreach is often the most difficult and most neglected. Finely tuned and perfected, we offer one of the finest Digital PR outreach services available making sure the content we create for our clients is seen and published.

Campaign Research

Great data is the foundation of any successful Digital PR campaign. Find out how we carry out our research for campaign leads for our client’s which journalists love, trust and almost rely upon.

Data Visualisation

How you present your data is crucial. It takes a good designer to transform complicated figures and allow it to tell a story in a simplified way; making it easily digestible for readers to engage with. 

Our Brainstorming Sessions

At Reboot, our brainstorming sessions spark new and stimulating ideas. No idea is ever the same, and our brainstorming meetings are a dynamic team exercise, ensuring only the best ideas are nurtured for future campaigns.

If you need any help with any aspect of Digital PR please get in touch.

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