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Reboot is the fire behind successful digital PR campaigns. We get authoritative coverage and links at a speed unheard of in the industry - all of our processes are formulated in-house, and are constantly evolving - meaning, although emulated, we are always three steps ahead.
As a leading SEO company in London and the UK and with a strong SEO pedigree, our foray into digital PR came from necessity. Organically earned links and online coverage has become a vital cog in the SEO machine - digital PR placements are even endorsed by Google as a leading way to improve your SERP visibility.

To make sure our digital PR is unparalleled, we've trained every single member of staff from scratch to ensure that our processes are based on our own findings - organically grown from experimentation.

This means we do things a little differently to any other online PR agency.
Each campaign is crafted using research that no one else can get their hands on -
making it irresistible to journalists.We meticulously scrape data, send out hundreds of governmental Freedom of Information requests, examine sentiment analysis reports - and even conduct full-on science experiments and studies (including monitoring heart rates and generating psychological tests to name a few).
There are no lengths we would not go to in order to get the juiciest stories that will generate backlinks your brand will benefit from for years to come.

Why Should We Carry Out Your Digital PR?

We've engineered the most efficient way to conduct digital PR campaigns in order to provide our clients with the highest return on investment. We understand better than anyone how to get the most links per hour of work.

What Our Digital PR Services Will Do For Your Business

Our Digital PR Company Team Are Experts In getting you:
Authoritative placements
Our campains earn topical, authoritative links to your site from major publications which can help to elevate your ranking positions and expertise, authoritativeness and trust (E-A-T).

Our Digital PR Company Team Are Experts In:

Relevant & Authoritative Placements

Although many chase placements in national publications, we've experimented with nicher campaigns to get our clients into topically relevant, high authority publications - and evidence suggests this has a bigger impact on your SEO. These publications are more likely to link out AND they send the message to Google that you're an authority in your industry.

International Attention

Our staff speak over 19 languages and can add a personal touch to campaigns by translating them into target languages, vastly increasing the likelihood of international placements. This global variation in backlinks will put you one step ahead of competitors.

Primary Data

Data drives everything we do. Our clients benefit from in house data analysts who are experts at turning numbers into news stories. We don’t just collate data, we create it with experiments and studies aimed at creating insights that haven’t been covered before - exactly what journalists crave.


We produce quality campaigns at a rate unheard of in the digital PR industry. This is because we specialise in medium-sized campaigns. Our ability to do multiple campaigns in the time most would conduct one larger scale campaign means we diversify how we get links - leading to more topically relevant placements, and a higher probability of hitting new referring domains. Speed also ensures that our stories are never pipped to the post.

Newsjacking & Reactive PR Services

We closely monitor breaking stories, trends and journalist requests across our client industries to ensure your brand is being regularly sourced as an expert in your field. From providing comments, to creating extra data to add to the commentary, we find this approach perfect for getting a steady stream of coverage alongside core campaigns.


We have the perfect storm of experts to build the best digital PR campaigns, from data analysts and outreach managers, to content writers and digital PR specialists. It is essential that all of these dedicated resources work in tandem for you to get the best results - something difficult for businesses to replicate in house.

Our Digital PR Company Process

As you have probably gathered by now - we do things differently here at Reboot. We are incredibly proud of our unique approach to digital PR, and have always been completely transparent about our processes - this is what you can expect when you conduct digital PR with us:


Dynamic ideation sessions will take place with our creative team to explore the intricacies of your brand and pinpoint areas that can become exciting stories for journalists to use. These ideas are then built on and the angles sharpened.

Campaign ideas are always selected using a checklist of viability, so you'll be getting campaigns guaranteed to yield the best return on your investment with us.

Data analysis:

Once we've pitched, our data analysts get to work.
They are forever scraping, scrutinising and shaping data to make sure our digital PR experts have the best foundations for their campaigns. After gathering the research, we move on to building the campaign.

Digital PR Campaign building:

We have a 30-strong team of digital PR specialists (and growing!) - they know how to extract captivating angles from our data that will satisfy a journalist’s constant demand for content. They are also responsible for liaising closely with our data visualisation experts to create great assets, as well as working alongside our content team when an asset page is beneficial.


We have dedicated a team to constantly fine-tune our outreach processes. We'll create a bespoke and targeted outreach plan for your campaign using our specialised 6 tier outreach process, driven by any prerequisites - like countries or publications you would love to feature in.

We have built a coefficient relationship with journalists across industries who often reach out for content, and know they can rely on us for great stories.

All of this has been years of experimenting and learning to ensure we give you the best value per link - not a drop of time is wasted at Reboot and thanks to our formulated approach to our digital PR services, we've gone over our client KPIs by 296% on average in the past year.

If you're interested in working in Digital PR, take a look at our comprehensive guide that covers everything from decoding job descriptions to the handy tools our PR experts use daily.

Georgia Fitzgerald

Georgia Fitzgerald

Digital PR Manager

Digital PR Services For Every Industry

Our digital PR campaigns have earned links and coverage for clients in every industry that you can think of. Learn more about how we help in some of the industries we’re operating in below.

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Digital PR Information & Insights

As one of the leading digital PR agencies in the UK, we are always publishing new content and information to help potential, new and experienced digital PR practitioners. That is why we write about everything from how to get a job in digital PR to what it is like working in the online PR industry.

We are also constantly creating new digital PR resources and assets to help take your campaign success to the next level. So check back here regularly for our latest information and insights.

We have been with Reboot for a good few years now and really happy with their SEO work for our business. They are a very friendly and helpful team, nothing is too much trouble. Reboot also host our website and have recently updated it for us, it looks excellent. We highly recommend them
Eva James
What an amazing company. We have been using Reboot for over 4 years and their SEO expertise is second to none. Our site looked great but we were never getting ranked with Google. After signing up these guys we have seen our positions fly and revenues increase. All i can say is its well worth the investment. Well done Reboot.
Charles Bloom
Simply the best! If an SEO company cannot put themselves top of the search engines how on earth are they going to put you there? Check out where Naomi and her team are for the term "seo company" and you will see they fluctuate between position 1 and 2 in a very competitive market. Is that not where you would like to be? We are Golf Support, see what this team have done with terms like "golf sale" for our business, page 1 position 1. Search no more you have found the best.
John Lines
We have been working with Reboot Online SEO Since February this Year on a new website with no prior SEO, Went to their office in Elstree and had a meeting with Shai and Naomi and explained what I was trying to achieve, They had a great understanding of SEO and were extremely passionate about SEO. I knew at that moment I wanted to come on board, Great company to work with, Detailed Monthly Progress Reports, Steady Organic Growth since February, I would highly recommend these guys who certainly know what they are doing.
The Bed Slats Company