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What made us.

Our unique approach to online marketing allows us to strike the perfect balance between creative thinking and technical knowledge. Built on a solid technical foundation dating back to 2006 when SEO was still in its infancy, we have never stopped experimenting with what works. In fact, our technical SEO experiments have changed the way that people and agencies all over the world optimise their sites and have been shared by industry thought leaders.

Over the years we have also developed one of the best Digital PR processes in the UK. Our unique, in house strategies allow us to land coverage in the most prestigious and powerful publications at a scale never seen before. See real time examples of this in action here (links to placements page).


Meet the team at reboot:

Our capabilities.


achieved for our clients


From illustrations to data heavy graphs to compliment PRs


achieved for our clients


Blog posts and campaigns

All of our work is carried out in-house.

We are a team of 23 and have anative speakers/writers of 9 languages which enables us to cover French, German, Russian, Spanish, Italian, Romanian, Hungarian, Slovenian and Japanese!

Tamir Davies
Team: Training Manager

Tamir is the digital PR manager and knows all there is to know about effective brainstorming, editorial research, PR outreach and leading a successful digital PR team. She is also a freelance blogger outside of her Reboot role.

Georgia Fitzgerald
Team: Senior Digital PR

Georgia is a digital PR executive at Reboot and has secured placements in top websites and publications (including Marie Claire and The Times!). She has held numerous roles in the marketing and communications industry.

Scott Bowman
Team: Graphics Designer

Scott is Reboot's in house graphic designer with over 7 years of experience creating stunning graphics, website designs and anything visual. His graphics are regularly used by leading publications in our PR stories.

Abby Chinery
Team: Digital Creative Director

Abby is Reboot's content marketing manager. She has learnt multiple languages which is invalubale when it comes to her role managing client content.

Andreea Putinelu
Team: Content Marketing

Andreea is part of the content marketing team and has a passion for writing. Hobbies include weekly boxing sessions, reading strange books and writing SEO friendly blog posts.

Khilen Shah
Team: Digital PR

Khilen is part of the digital PR team at Reboot and likes spending his time volunteering, playing table tennis and trying his hand at a bit of DIY.

Shai Aharony
Team: MD

Shai is the founder and MD of Reboot and started perfecting his digital marketing skills as early as 2006. He is behind several data driven SEO experiments which have been shared across leading industry websites and publications.

Naomi Aharony
Team: MD

Naomi founded Reboot together with Shai in 2001 and plays a hand in all aspects of the business. From copy writing to link baiting, account management to employee recrutiment and everything in between.

Maxine Greaves
Team: Social Media

Maxine manages the client social media accounts at Reboot and has always been interested in IT and social media. In her free time she can be found baking and spending time with family.

Oliver Sissons
Team: PPC & SEO

Oliver is part of the technical SEO team and loves nothing more than finding out how Google works. He also likes going to the gym, walking his dog and playing poker with friends.

Victoria Affleck
Team: Content Marketing

As part of the content marketing team, Victoria spends her time creating pieces of content that get attention and results for many of our clients. She has a passion for content writing that not only Google loves but people to.

Laura Solloway
Team: Content & PR

Working in both the content marketing and digital PR teams, Laura writes engaging and thought-provoking research pieces.

Alex Barba
Team: Content Marketing

Alex is part of the content marketing team and has a passion for scholarly writing. Hobbies include playing and watching football, as well as participating in a wide variety of other sporting activities.

Yossy Akinsanya
Team: Content Marketing

Creating and writing is what I love to do (with a cup of tea in my hand of course). There’s something about starting with a small idea and watching it become a finished product that I love. Taking on other people’s projects and being able to put m...

Tayla Barnard
Team: Digital PRE Exec

My name is Tayla, I am the new Digital PR Intern at Reboot. I have recently moved over from a career in TV as I have discovered the how interesting creating a successful PR campaign can be! After coming out of sixth form, where I studied Media, PE...

Laura Price
Team: Content Marketing

Hi, I’m Laura and I’m a Digital PR and Content Intern at Reboot. I am currently studying Psychology at the University of Leeds and this has been a huge passion of mine. My degree has taught me the power of words, understanding which image will pro...