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Sick & Tired of Useless SEO Links In 2022? Stop Wasting Your Time & Money.

We all know that backlinks have long been a ranking factor and that they are instrumental in helping a site to rank. Google employees have publicly said as much multiple times.

But time and time again website owners throw their money down the drain buying links from shady link building agencies and penalised link networks.

By Now You Have Probably Heard It All:

"Undetectable PBN links"

"Proven guest post opportunities"

"Tried and tested niche edit links"

"Guaranteed ranking increases or your money back" - always check the fine print.

Well, more often than not these link building companies are selling links that are ignored completely or could even land you with a SEO penalty.

Unsurprisingly, months after starting work with these link building agencies, frustrated website owners have seen no movement and realise that they have wasted considerable amounts of time and money.

They find themselves asking:

"What is going on?"

"Why is Google ignoring my links?"

"What do I have to do to see real results?"

To succeed in today's search results, you have to start earning the kinds of backlinks that your competitors can't copy and that Google won't penalise or ignore.

Links from websites that you can't buy links from.

Links that don't fall outside of Google's guidelines.

Links like the ones below.

Recent Links Earned By Our Link Building Agency


Our SEO experiments have been featured in places like:

"They (RebootOnline) performed some wonderful, large-scale, long-term tests of CSS, of text area, of visible text, and of JavaScript hiding across many domains over a long period and basically proved to us that what Google says is in fact true, that they are treating this text behind here with less weight."
Rand Fishkin
"And this isn’t just a theory. The folks at Reboot Online ran an experiment to see if external links helped improve rankings."
"Whoa - should be shared 1000x. Can cheap hosting w/ low-quality, spammy "bad neighborhoods" actually impact Google rankings? "Long Term Shared Hosting Experiment" - Surprising new study+data from @rebootonline."



So, if you are tired of the same old unfilled promises from SEO link suppliers, and need to earn quality links that actually move the needle...



"We've been working with Reboot for the past year and have been blown away by the consistent level of high authority, relevant and diverse links they secure on a monthly basis. The Reboot team know exactly how to cut through the noise, creating innovative and insightful Digital PR campaigns that everyone talks about! They always smash their monthly KPIs and don't stop until they've got the most out of every piece of work. Save On Energy's number of referring domains have increased by 600% in a year - that's all down to Reboot's hard work."
Bekah Edwards
"Between the new website and the SEO work, the business is now fully recovered and growing at a phenomenal rate. In the past 2 years increase in turnover has been phenomenal. Has Reboot improved our business? Without a doubt YES! The Reboot team have become just like members of our own staff. Would I recommend Reboot? Yes I would. They are simply the best."
Gary Swift
"Reboot has helped us get links on websites that we could never have accomplished ourselves. The speed, volume, execution and professionalism make it impossible to replicate internally for the same budget."
Kevin Roos van Raadshooven
"Thanks to Reboot's commitment and hard work on our project we have managed to gain a significant online presence just within 6 months and couldn't be more excited for our future ahead! Without a doubt it was one of our best decisions as a small independent business to start working with them!"
Fulop Gabor

Link Building Agency FAQs

What is link building?

Link building is the process of earning, creating or acquiring backlinks from one webpage to another.

Links play an important part in the SEO ecosystem and help search engines find, crawl and rank content on the web.

Interesting, unique and/or valuable content tends to be linked to more and this helps Google and other search engines rank that content higher in the search results when it would be relevant to do so.

What is a link building service?

As the name suggests, a link building service is when a company (usually a SEO company) finds and reaches out to powerful and relevant websites on your behalf with the aim of getting those websites to link to your one.

There are many ways that a SEO link building company can do this, and the best link building services typically involve using strategies that earn links from powerful and authoritative websites which remain within Google’s guidelines.

Often a company that offers this highest quality link building services will also operate as a digital PR agency, since online PR involves creating content, data and stories that journalists at the most authoritative websites in the world genuinely love to share and link to.

Some old school link building services still exist which use strategies that fall outside of Google’s guidelines (such as taking part in paid link exchanges or running aggressive guest blogging campaigns). However for the long term health and performance of your website, you would be best advised to avoid such services.

How much do link building services cost?

Given the near endless list of ways that SEOs have built links to their websites over the years, you will find that the price of every link building service is different.

However, as is the case with all things SEO related, you will want to avoid the cheap link building services.

Paying more doesn’t guarantee high-quality links, but in this case paying less definitely does guarantee low-quality ones.

Earning quality links is voted by many as the most challenging part of SEO, and getting the attention of the most credible journalists takes a lot of time, resources and creativity.

This is why the best link building campaigns won’t come cheap, but they pay for themselves many times over in the long run.

Our link building service, which earns links from mainstream newspapers and the most powerful industry-relevant websites possible, starts at £5,500 + VAT and goes up from there depending on how many links you are looking to build each month.

Can I see the websites that you will build links on before I pay?

This question assumes that you are paying for links on the same websites that every other client will get links from and isn’t an approach that we use or recommend.

To get better results than everyone else you need to get backlinks that others can’t.

We do this by earning links from the best websites in the world via data-driven and creative content marketing campaigns.

As a result, we can not tell you before the campaign starts exactly where your website will end up being linked from.

We can show you the kinds of links that previous campaigns have earned on our placements page though.

Most link building agencies hide behind non-disclosure agreements and client confidentiality when in reality they don’t want you seeing just how poor the links that they earn for their clients really are.

We do the opposite.

We publicly and proudly list all of the links that we are earning for all to see, even competitors (since we know that our tried and tested processes can’t be beat)

How long will my links be live for?

This is another question that assumes you are doing the same thing that everyone else is doing, placing links on websites owned and operated by the link building agency.

Our links remain live for as long as the newspapers and trade magazines that we get you featured on are in operation (a very long time).

When will I see backlinks going live?

This will vary for every campaign but we have seen links go live within an hour for some campaigns.

It really depends how quickly the journalists that we send your data and content to pick up and share the information.

For some stories this will be almost instant, but for other more complex or larger stories journalists can be working on the article for several days before publishing.

We report on the links earned from your campaigns at the end of each quarter, so you’ll get a full list of the best links earned from the campaign and be able to see exactly where your money is going.

Are you an international link building agency/do you offer international link building services?

We are known for the huge variety of links that we earn for our clients, both by location and industry.

Our team has built backlinks on websites in nearly every country and industry, so international link building is something we are the perfect agency for.

With 8 languages being spoken in-house, and a partnership with a leading translation agency, creating compelling stories that international journalists love is normal procedure for us.