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Through a clever blend of creativity, SEO, and topic research, we construct s#!t hot content marketing strategies for all of our clients. Our specialist team of content marketers adopt an SEO-driven approach to content, with everything we do backed up by our very own in-house technical SEO experiments.
Our content marketing team are experts in:
Victoria Affleck
Head of Content
An Innovative Approach to Content Marketing
As an online digital marketing agency, we believe there are four main keystones of any successful brand - technical SEO, digital PR, content marketing, and social media – but, here at Reboot, SEO forms the blueprint of any digital content we create.

Through conscientious keyword research, we curate expertly written copy, interactive assets, and cleverly structured content hubs to drive brand engagement, boost conversion rates, earn links, and make an impact on your website’s SEO performance.

Are you ready to get your brand propelled into the spotlight in the SERP?
Why Choose Reboot For Content Marketing?
Our content marketing team specialises in crafting content that targets your audience at the right time and the right way through creative topic and keyword research. From long comprehensive guides, targeted short-form content, interactive assets, and on-site copy, there’s nothing we can’t help you with.
What Our Digital PR Services Will Do For Your Business
Reboot is a content marketing agency built upon our very own in-house processes, which is difficult to replicate elsewhere. That’s why we believe our digital marketing company is so unique compared to others.
Our content marketing team are experts in:
Content Strategy
Through methodical planning, we carefully curate a bank of ‘pillar’ content (like comprehensive guides) and ‘cluster’ content (shorter and more focused ‘cluster’ content to answer topical questions), known as content hubs, helping to target consumers at every stage of the buyer’s journey. To do this, we conduct thorough keyword research to ensure we target and cater to search intent effectively, thus helping to establish each client as a thought leader and increasing brand awareness.
Link Earning Asset Creation
From quizzes to interactive assets to long-form guides -you name it, we can do it. Content assets enrich your website and diversify the audience it would traditionally target, ensuring you reach the largest audience possible. What’s more, this type of content earns links organically over time -a win-win.
Enhancing User Experience Through Content
Our skilled team of content marketers create content for humans, not machines. We understand the importance of user experience and display content in a way that readers will engage with. We do this by creating and displaying content in an easy to digest format (e.g., bullet points and lists) with visual elements, adding relevant internal links, and using FAQs to answer customer questions at various stages of the buyer’s journey.
Buyer’s Journey Sculpting
Any content specialists will know that before you write any content, you must have a strong understanding of your target audience, their buyer persona, and their journey. Our content aims to target customers at every stage of this journey by creating content to target, attract, and convert users, in order to maximise return on investment.
Establishing Your Brand as a Thought Leader
Using our distinctive mix of creative and industry-focused research, we can establish your business as thought-leaders in your prospective industries. As a meticulous content marketing agency, we can create content that will be respected in your field and ensure potential customers think of you when they need advice, services, or products.
Digital PR Asset Curation
Our content specialists work directly with our in-house digital PR team to create content assets to accompany digital PR campaigns. We design, write, and publish impressive interactive assets to earn links and coverage way after the PR has been outreached by ensuring content is visible in the SERP through skilful keyword research.
Our Content Marketing Process:
Over the years, we have honed our content marketing processes to ensure each piece of content ticks all the right boxes and scores outstanding results. This is what you can expect from us:
Our content marketing team are experts in:
1. Content Strategy
Before working with any client, we run an in-depth content audit looking at all existing on-site content for potential issues that may be holding them back. From issues like duplication to thin content, our content specialists will address these issues first and foremost.
After this, our team of content specialists will get to work on a brand-new content strategy that ticks all the boxes: ranks high in the SERP, earns organic links, increases topical relevance, boosts traffic and leads, and more.
2. Keyword Research
Keyword research is an integral part of both SEO and content marketing, as this is what makes content both relevant andsearchable. Our team of content writers and SEOs work closely together to ensure all content is keyword-focused and drives traffic to your website -without ‘keyword stuffing’.
Sometimes the addition of clear call-to-actions can drastically help to decrease bounce rates, improve user visits, and increase conversions.
3. Intent Analysis
Behind every single query typed into Google is intent. Our red-hotcontent, written by our extensive team of skilful writers, aims to target your audience in a subtle way at every stage of the buyer’s journey, via a mix of informational, navigational, commercial, or transactional content. Understanding what type of content your readers are hoping to find and understanding the queries that drive traffic to your site is crucial but, thankfully for your business, it’s an art we are specialists in.
4. Research & Data Collection
Our team of writers comprehensively research a topic before writing any piece of content, essentially becoming experts in just about any niche, from bed slats to energy, to commercial property to golf. We work alongside our team of data analysts to scrape, scrutinise, and shape data, resulting in copy that is unique, valuable, and trustworthy to readers (and Google) will trust, thus enhancing E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness) -a key ranking factor.
5. Graphic Creation & Data Visualisation
Did you know that 65% of the population consider themselves to be visual learners? We know how vital user experience is and how it can dramatically decrease bounce rates, which is why we carefully consider visualisation when constructing any kind of content. Whether it be in the form of a photograph, a graphic, or multimedia (such as a video), data visualisation helps to grab the reader’s attention and simplify complex information, whilst also being highly shareable and great for link building.
6. Outreach & Social Promotion
Content performs best when people know and engage with it. Via the help of our expert digital PRteam, we are able to connect your brand with your target audience through outreaching to journalists, bloggers, and influencers. What’s more, our team of social media specialistshelp us to optimise our content for social to boost brand identity, and, most importantly, getting people to share and click onto your website.