Delivering High DA, International Links to Category Pages

The Brief

Generating traffic and improving digital visibility is a direct result of authoritative, highly relevant and streamlined digital PR work.

Most campaigns will target clients' homepage. However, there isn't always a one size fits all approach and for e-commerce sites, such as our client OnBuy, distributing powerful 'link juice' within inner landing pages and core categories can be just as important for Google to determine where specific pages should place in the SERPs.

To do this, OnBuy approached us to brainstorm specific ideas that could be used against a category page in need of a boost, by effectively outreaching to high-ranking publications around the world with a high DA.

Two examples of campaigns that caused an international stir include:

Sleeping in THIS Position Makes You More Likely to Be Successful at Work!

REVEALED: How Often Do We Really Clean Our Underwear?

Our Strategy

For both campaigns, the digital PR team were keen to explore the category pages on OnBuy's website that needed a traffic referral and link boost, as well as matching the suitability of an idea as best as possible.

For the first campaign detailing the sleeping positions that make you more successful at work, we opted for the furniture category, due to its relevancy. Considering everyone is largely working from home, we also knew how prevalent this topic would be and how receptive it would be with journalists. It was also data-driven, having surveyed working professionals in the UK to ascertain their salary, preferred sleeping position, average hours of sleep per night, weekday waking up time and showering/bathing routines. From the data collected, we were able to separate the data into the top 10% of earners in the UK, and those who were below that. In doing so, we could determine if sleeping habits were an indication of annual income.

This digital marketing campaign included a visual showcasing according to the top earners the most beneficial sleeping position, alluding potential success. We wanted to create a visual that would not only be referrable on social media , but representative of the data, and suitable for multiple publications' niche and audience.  

The second campaign How often do we really clean out underwear, was very much focused on the primary collection of survey responses, with the aim of creating a strong narrative that was directly related to the landing page targeted (men's underwear).

Although both campaigns were centralized around primary data, the data collection wasn't as heavy when identifying the video games impacting the environment most . Instead, we used our experience to engage with gossip-led and lifestyle journalists to draw certain angles from survey data that they would be interested in. Our intention was also to create referrable and evergreen content that could be updated to its universal interest.

As our goal for outreach was to deliver links to inner category pages , we needed to be far more thorough and defined in our approach. Therefore, we utilized our outreach knowledge to invite journalists we had a positive report with to view the campaign first. Thereafter, we were able to get in touch with journalists from suitable outlets who worked for internationally exemplary and high DA outlets, helping OnBuy gain prominent backlinks to the category pages, that would in turn help with rankings.

The Results

Considering our goals set out were to gain organic and dominant placements geared towards inner category pages for our client, we were able to fine-tune our approach – and successfully delivered. 

Both digital PR campaigns were nothing short of successes, driving high authority DA placements globally including the UK, Germany, Italy and even Australia due to the universal appeal of the idea. Between both campaigns, we achieved more than 110 placements for popular category pages.

Since such a large proportion of the covergae included links, these campaigns set a precedence for an ability to keep up link velocity in an organic, and editorial way, securing authoritative backlinks that would not only exemplify OnBuy's position in a competitive field, but demonstrate expertise; whilst naturally boosting specific category pages in the SERPs.

Results Chart - Delivering High DA, International Links to Category Pages
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