Building Targeted Digital PR Links to Inner Pages

The Brief

OnBuy is one of the world’s fastest growing marketplaces, with millions of products listed on the site, as well as an unprecedented number of category landing pages; meaning OnBuy sits within a competitive field for search volumes and key terms. We have been building organic digital PR links predominantly directed at the homepage for a while, however, OnBuy approached us with the prospect of directing targeted digital PR links to specific category pages they were looking to bolster in the SERPS.

Our Strategy

The first two category pages OnBuy wanted to drive backlinks to were Mobile Phones and Home, Garden and Pets. Often, inner pages like these have additional internal links to other deep pages found on the site, meaning link juice is further distributed across the site, which is not always beneficiary when earning links to the homepage only.

Our strategy was to brainstorm specific campaign ideas with a focus on these category pages, which would be of value to readers interested in the content created, and subsequently convert into potential customers. When deciding upon an idea for the Home, Garden and Pets page, we identified Petfluencers - a key growing market, which we were confident would result in backlinks. And for the Mobile Phones landing page, we decided on mobile phone myths Brits are most convinced by.

For the Petfluencers release, we looked at the most influential/popular pets on Instagram around the world and assessed how much they earn per sponsored post. Whilst, for the mobile phones campaign, our focus was to create a survey, and distribute among Brits to highlight the myths we believe more than others.

It was important to remember that our primary focus is to drive digital PR links to a relevant category page, and not advertise or promote products found on these landing pages. It was therefore imperative that we built our campaigns in the same way we would when linking to a homepage – the difference being the anchor text.

To avoid looking spammy to the journalist and media outlets, or promoting a category page, we worked with our in-house SEO team to structure a suitable anchor text for the content shared, as well as adding the research where applicable to the blog which would be also linked from.

The Results

The Petfluencers digital marketing campaign achieved more than 50 editorially credited links, with the majority citing OnBuy Pet Suppliers as the primary anchor used. The PR was published in major European online outlets, such as Gazetta, Evoke and – a major publication in Greece. Other notable links were achieved in The Standard, Fashion Week Daily and Image Magazine.

And although the mobile phone myths campaign didn’t benefit from as many links, the links it did achieve were often pointing to the category page and/or blog post where the research was hosted. Many of the links had site relevancy to the targeted page (tech sites), and so effectively helped OnBuy with their original brief to increase in the SERPs for valuable category pages.

You can view all of our links earned here

Results Chart - Building Targeted Digital PR Links to Inner Pages
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"“With millions of products, it was key to find innovative and unique ways to offer more power and link juice to some of our competitive inner pages. Both campaigns were key influencing factors for these inner pages becoming a lot more visible in the SERPS, indicating potential future successes too!”"

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