The Atomic Hub

Reboot is very proud to introduce

Increase link authority

Clever internal linking will ensure all of the pages in the Atomic Hub will benefit from the backlinks we build. The backlinks will increase the 'link authority' of the page, which is then passed onto the other subpages in the hub.

Increase topical coverage

With most category, product and/or service pages barely scratching the surface of what makes up the topic they're targeting, the Atomic Hub enhances topical coverage by identifying and addressing key questions and areas of interest. All strategically linked together to better serve your users via meticulously planned internal links.

Increase engagement

When our expertly researched content is linked together, it increases the chances your users will explore more of the hub pages. Not only is this increased engagement good for user experience, but it is good for conversions also.

How it works

1. Research hub intent, knowledge graph and semantics.

2. Curate the hub with comprehensive content.

3. Systematically inter-link hub within itself and the wider site.

4. Apply UX Design disciplines to Hub for engagement and flow.

5. Digital PR to earn links targeting strategic areas

5 expert teams working together 5 expert teams working together

At its core, the Atomic Hub™ is a multi-layered content cluster consisting of a pillar page supported by one or more layers of cluster pages. Each one deals with specific entities, attributes, concepts, and ideas relating to the main pillar subject.

Each pillar, sub-pillar and cluster page leads intuitively to the next.

The layers start with a meticulously planned site architecture to ensure a clean and logical path is followed throughout the hub. Each element is designed from the ground up using our specially formulated process that considers relevancy, intent, semantics and natural language processing (NLP) to create an entity that is perfectly engaged and supported by the rest of the structure.


The system is further defined and reinforced by a clear inner linking policy

Ensuring that each user can easily navigate to different sections within the hub while maximising Google's understanding of the context.

Design System Connection

Our UX, graphics and data visualisation teams are then tasked with creating a design that is not only attractive but also encapsulates the flow, direction, and purpose of the content.

We keep users engaged with your website for longer while funnelling them through the various stages of the user journey until they ultimately convert.

Design Text and Person

In parallel, our social media team will also be on hand to create social campaigns and assist with outreach efforts.

This, in turn, will boost traffic to the hub while maximising coverage possibilities.

Social Text and Person

The Reboot Atomic Content Hub™ is a result of not only years of experience but a true reflection of the passion we have for digital marketing.

An amalgamation of four key world-leading services into one product that has the potential to transform the visibility of a website through engagement, press coverage and content.

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