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9 Feb 2022
Oliver Sissons
9 Feb 2022
13 Dec 2023

Atomic Hubs - Increasing Organic Traffic by 552.52% (When Nothing Else Worked)

What would increasing the number of potential customers visiting your website by 552% mean for your business?

Atomic Hub results.

For Clear It Waste it meant:

Find out how an Atomic Hub helped take this website's online visibility to the next level. From page 2 to top spots across every main keyword.

The Initial Campaign

Initial email regarding our first SEO campaign for the client.

The Clear It Waste team came to us at the start of January 2020 after deciding that they wanted to better optimise their website for its main target keywords and generate more leads via organic search.

They hadn’t worked with an SEO company for several years whilst they focused on developing other areas of the business.

From the start we knew we had our work cut out with a dated website, limited link profile and widespread thin and duplicate content issue across the site.

Before we started adding any new content we first had to ensure that everything on-site was primed to rank as best as possible in the search results.

So, in the initial 15 months of the campaign we focused on:

These efforts saw some initial increases, but nowhere near what we would usually expect following such an all-encompassing SEO campaign.

Taking The Results To The Next Level

Screenshot from SEMrush showing the SEO growth after our atomic content hub campaign.

The site was heading in the right direction, ranking at the top of page 2 and bottom of page 1 for more relevant commercial keywords than it had in the previous few years, but it just couldn’t break into the top 3 results for any of the main searches being targeted.

After further investigation, we concluded that limited topical coverage and authority was holding the website back.

The site had great links, the content left live was of the highest quality, and it loaded quickly with minimal technical SEO issues. However, these advantages were limited to a small number of published pages and posts and the majority of links pointed to the homepage.

Clients website link profile as seen in ahrefs.

We had seen success using mini content hubs before but we had yet to channel all available budget into building and promoting them. When nothing else seemed to be generating the kind of results that we demand, we decided to swing for the fences.

Keyword Research

Following extensive keyword research and intent analysis, our content marketing team identified a suitable subtopic to target within the client's main industry, waste collection.

Content Creation & Internal Links

Graphic showing the atomic hub structure.

Our systemised approach to content creation allowed us to comprehensively cover the whole selected subtopic (furniture disposal) whilst strategically internally linking each new piece of content together to reinforce topical authority signals.

Over a few short weeks, 26 pieces of comprehensive content were created and ready to be uploaded.

This content ensured that we now not only targeted new commercial intent keywords, but also answered a huge range of questions, objections and concerns that a potential new client might have whilst searching for a trusted service provider.

The cohesive approach we followed, from the keyword research through to the content creation, ensured that we were establishing ourselves as the go to experts within the chosen subtopic, and also greatly enhancing our overall topical authority within the broader waste collection industry.

Unique Page Design

Screenshot from this Atomic Hub.

With unique, in-depth and high-quality content written, we knew that next we would need to come up with an equally appealing design.

The existing website design was dated so, to ensure that we kept users engaged with the new content and converted as many as possible into clients, we built out a whole new section of the site to complement the other improvements we were making.

Our graphic design team set about creating an interactive and engaging design that was still in keeping with the businesses existing branding.

Digital PR Links

Examples of some of the links our Atomic Hub campaigns earned.

As a digital PR agency, we are unrivalled.

Our team of online PR specialists have earned over 500,000 placements for our clients over the past few years.

Immediately we knew that we were going to establish extreme topical authority for our new content hubs by running creative, data-driven digital PR campaigns directly to them.

Once the new design was in place, content live, and internal links added, our digital PR team got to work in their ideation sessions to come up with a number of link earning ideas.

Immediately after these brainstorming sessions we ran some reactive/newsjacking campaigns to earn links directly to the new inner hub page from top-tier websites and publications.

Example Coverage From The Atomic Hub

We revealed a Facebook Marketplace trick that can be used to find hidden furniture treasures, and the most popular houseplants that are toxic to pets, to relevant journalists and earned links from place like:

Through these campaigns we earned a number of links directly to the furniture disposal hub page from highly trusted and authoritative websites.

Going forward we have the ability to target things even more in our link earning campaigns by running more niche ideas and targeting links to other pages within the Atomic Hub.

The Results

Organic visibility increases following our content hub campaigns.

In the months following the Atomic Hub going live, the website surged in the search results. From stuck on page 2 to positions 1, 2 and 3 across all of the main keywords.

Screenshot of organic keyword trend from SEMrush, showing increases from our content hub and SEO campaigns.

The new section of the website jumped into the search results for more than 100 new keywords. Many of these are commercial intent searches that will generate new leads for the business.

Screenshot from SEMrush position traffic showing jumps in rankings for the main target keywords.The increases from the enhanced topical coverage were not limited to the new furniture disposal section of the site either. Positions started climbing across the whole domain and the client is now the dominant player within the wider waste collection industry.

The business is based in London and the team wanted to target this area only. However the campaign was so successful that the website now ranks strongly nationwide, presenting the opportunity to take on leads from across the country and grow the business further should they choose to do so.

Owner and operator Josh Clarke had this to say:

Been working with Reboot for the past couple of years after continually failing on my SEO. They have used different methods, techniques and strived for the best results for my business now reaching top spot for most of my keywords! They offer a small business personal feel with someone always at the other end of the line, which is unique and really works for us. The results we have achieved the past 2 years I never felt possible. We have enhanced the power of SEO and it's changing our business landscape.


Update! This project saw us win 'Best Use of SEO' at The Drum Awards!

Another update - since writing up the results of this case study we have published an additional construction waste hub on the website which has helped improve related commercial keywords. The site overall is still ranking strongly across all of the main search terms being targeted, even throughout the turbulent roll out of the latest helpful content and link spam updates.

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Page Updated - What Has Changed?

We added some additional details explaining how our Atomic Hub projects have progressed and developed over the last few months since this blog post was originally published, including how the website is performing over the roll out of the helpful content and link spam updates.