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Local Businesses We’ve Helped

Discover how our local SEO services will help you generate more leads.

We will become an extension of your business, and show you how to grow your local business into the leading service provider in your area with the power of organic search.

As a local SEO services company we will do more than just optimise your website, we will position you as the leading brand in your location and one of the go-to sources of information across your wider industry.

  • Optimise and enhance your local Google Business Profile
  • Find and fix technical SEO issues on your local business website
  • Keep your content optimised for your highest priority keywords
  • Get your business featured across mainstream press publications and industry websites
  • Develop your citation profile to reinforce local SEO signals
  • Identify new keyword targeting opportunities and show you how to capitalise on them
  • Keep your business ahead of competitors and at the top of the search engine results page (SERP) for your main search terms

We will become an extension of your business, and show you how to grow your local business into the leading service provider in your area with the power of organic search.

Local Keywords We Rank on Page 1 For

Monthly Search Volume:
end of tenancy cleaning london
Monthly Search Volume:
commercial estate agents london
Monthly Search Volume:
locksmith in manchester
Monthly Search Volume:
sell house fast

SEO Case Studies

Our Mix of Local SEO Services

Google Business Profile Optimisation

If you aren’t ranking in the ‘Google Snack Pack’ then you’re missing out on valuable local leads that could be growing your business. We optimise every aspect of your Google Business Profile to ensure that you are ranked top for all the relevant local search terms within your industry.

Local SEO Audit Service

We analyse and audit every part of your website and SEO campaign to ensure that everything is working towards the ultimate goal of generating you more leads and business. We use a selection of SEO tools to analyse you and your key competitors, before showing you how to fix any issues and jump on any key opportunities.

Keyword Research & Intent Analysis

All of our local SEO campaigns involve extensive keyword research and searcher intent analysis. This allows us to make sure that you are capitalising on every local keyword targeting opportunity, and that your website is set up to rank strongly for those high commercial intent keywords.

On-Site SEO & Keyword Optimisation

Your on-site SEO forms the foundations of your SEO strategy, so we make sure that every indexable page on your website is high-quality and optimised for relevant search terms. We also implement internal link strategies and improve your UX to keep users converting as they explore your website.

Local SEO Link Building & Digital PR

Once the technical and on-site aspects of your website are in place and optimised correctly, you need to make others aware of your place in the market. We get our local SEO clients featured in national and regional press, and wider industry publications whilst earning them the highest authority backlinks in the process.

Citation Profile Development

Google and the other search engines rely on local SEO signals to make sense of your website, your business, and how you relate to the area that you operate in. We develop your citation profile to reinforce local SEO signals and benefit your wider SEO strategy.

We Help Websites Rank in All Industries

We have a wealth of experience when it comes to local SEO, and we have helped clients in the highest competition niches online dominate the search results. These are just some of the industries that we have worked in:

Whether you’re looking to rank top for industry keywords in London or your local village, we have a local SEO package right for you.

Finance & Legal

Property & Real Estate

Waste Management & Cleaning

Ecommerce & Retail

Health & Beauty

Consulting & Recruitment

Whether you’re looking to rank top for industry keywords in London or your local village, we have a local SEO package right for you.

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Our Local SEO Company Process

Over the years we have experimented extensively to develop our own bespoke approach to local SEO. The overview of our local SEO company process is as follows:

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Briefing & Discovery

You are an expert in your industry and we want to find out more about your business so that we can tailor our approach to your strengths and weaknesses. We also use our briefing and discovery stage to understand your key objectives and internal expertise or resources.

Local SEO Analysis & Research

Next we take a wider look at your industry and target location to better understand the key factors at play and what your competitors are doing to rank top. This informs the strategy that we develop and means that your budget is always directed to where it will have the most impact.

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Strategy Recommendations & Proposal

With our initial research carried out, we will present to you your bespoke local SEO strategy and explain what we will do to grow your business. We will walk you through all of our market analysis and explain why we will take the approach that we are recommending for you and your business.

Setup & Onboarding

We want to work as autonomously as possible and we drive the best results when we can carry out maximum work whilst taking up as little of your time as possible. So, at the onboarding stage we get all of the access and insight from you that we will need to drive meaningful results for your brand.

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Implementation & Action

Reboot moves fast, and adapts quickly. We get in the weeds of your industry to make a serious impact on your SEO results in the shortest amount of time possible. Clients are shocked at how fast we implement and how quickly our campaigns yield results.

Reporting & Iterations

Our work generates serious results so we report back to you regularly on how our campaigns are impacting your lead quantity and quality, and how we’re adapting our strategy to ensure that momentum is always being built.

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Local SEO Agency FAQs

What does a local SEO company do?

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A local SEO company like Reboot will work on your website and to grow your off-site reputation in order to increase your organic search engine rankings. Ultimately, we will work to help you generate more organic leads via your website and grow your business.

How much does local SEO cost?

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While local SEO can cost less than nationwide campaigns, how much your local SEO company charges will depend on what industry you operate in and where you’re based. If you want to target high competition keywords in London for example this is likely to cost more than if you were going after lower competition search terms for a village in the home counties.

Most good local SEO agencies will start offering their services from the £2,000 per month mark and scale up from their depending on the levels of competition involved. Any less than that and you run the risk of your SEO agency cutting corners and under servicing your account.

Is local SEO worth it?

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The short answer is yes.

Local SEO can be a serious growth lever for local businesses, especially in high competition industries where the lifetime spend of a customer can be quite large.

The best local SEO campaigns result in significantly more leads generated whilst also helping you build general brand awareness within your location and the wider industry (our digital PR services are especially useful in doing this!).

What local SEO packages do you offer?

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We create bespoke local SEO packages tailored to your unique location and industry. Any local SEO package should be adjusted according to your unique needs and position in the market, get in touch today to find out more about the packages that we can offer.

How long do local SEO companies take to show results?

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Much like the price of your local SEO campaign, how long it takes to see results will vary depending on your industry, location, current rankings, and competitors.

For really niche and narrow businesses you can see top rankings in a matter of months or even weeks. Businesses operating in the highest competition industries and locations though, like financial services in London, will need to invest for at least 6 months to see any meaningful SEO growth.

How do I find and hire the best local SEO agencies?

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Doing the correct research and asking the right questions will help ensure that you hire the right local SEO agency for you.

Generally speaking, the right local SEO company will be found based on your individual budget and what areas of expertise your site will require to drive the most amount of growth.

You are better off hiring a local SEO company like Reboot who carries out all of their work in-house, which will mean you’re truly benefiting from the agency model and that you can expect the same quality of work across every area of your SEO campaign.

Perhaps the best way to shortlist the best local SEO agencies is to ask for case studies and references. Any respectable local SEO company will be more than happy to provide you with examples of the work they’ve done previously and how they have grown their clients businesses.

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