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Looking for the right PPC agency doesn’t need to be a headache. Here at Reboot, we’ve proven time and again, through our PPC case studies, that we do the most and get the best results. Let us show you just what we can do.

Our in-house team of PPC specialists are experts in:


Most businesses are spending at least a small amount of their marketing budget on Google Ads each month, so making sure that they're effectively optimised can have a huge impact. Our team of Google Ads experts will audit your account and develop your strategy to help you get the most out of your PPC spend.


92% of first-time visitors to a commerce website don’t make any kind of purchase. That’s why it’s so important to remind them of what they want. That’s what remarketing does when it comes to display advertising. Our team of display ad wizards will use remarketing to encourage customers, who have already shown an interest, towards a conversion.


Google Shopping Ads are some of the first results customers see when making a Google search for a product. That’s why it’s vital to ensure these are optimised to the highest level, which is the only level our experts work at.


Google Translate is a wonderful tool, but it is far from perfect. That’s why it’s vital to hire a PPC agency that is well-versed in multilingual PPC campaigns and knows what it takes to translate campaigns effectively.


International PPC campaigns don’t just rely on being multilingual—these campaigns are multifaceted. You’ll need a PPC agency that will closely monitor these ads, have a deep understanding of the countries they are running in, and have the capabilities to monitor the news and events in these places too.

An Innovative Approach to Pay-Per-Click Marketing

Unlike most PPC agencies, we put data and innovation at the forefront of everything we do. We don’t have time for tired approaches to PPC—we only want the best, freshest, and newest ways of providing PPC advertising to our clients. Our expertise and experience mean we are perfectly situated to provide and curate innovation for our clients.

What is a PPC agency?

A PPC agency is a company that specialises in PPC (pay-per-click) advertising. This sort of advertising is commonly found all over the internet, whether in Google Ads, Bing Ads, or social media. Their main goal is to help companies generate leads and conversions. PPC agencies offer a range of services to support this goal, such as keyword research and optimisation.

Why Hire A PPC Agency

PPC agencies can offer a level of expertise that can save you both time and money. By optimising your PPC campaigns with an agency, you can focus resources on other aspects of the business. PPC agencies can also offer performance tracking, so you can easily monitor how your campaigns are doing. PPC agencies, such as Reboot, are also able to offer serious scalability to your campaigns.

How To Choose A PPC Agency

Choosing a PPC agency doesn’t have to be complicated. Look for an agency that is experienced, that offers a range of services that fit your needs. A good PPC agency will use data to their advantage and will value results and analytics.

It’s important that your PPC agency is able to show an in-depth knowledge of local SEO too. Explore their local SEO services to see their paid and organic local experience.

They will also be responsive and communicative and will be more than happy to answer any and all questions you may have. Make sure to find evidence of a company’s innovation and commitment to learning through its case studies and SEO experiments.




Audit Your Historic Performance

We look at the channels, campaigns and results that you've already spent your marketing budget on to identify any issues, opportunities and/or insights that will inform our PPC strategy.

Optimise Your Foundations

First, we want to make sure that the foundational elements of your PPC campaigns are in order, from your negative keywords to your conversion tracking and conversion rate optimisation (CRO).

Exploit New Opportunities

Now that we know your existing campaigns are optimised and performing properly, we can turn our attention to new channels and opportunities. This may mean launching new PPC campaigns to capitalise on additional high commercial intent search terms, or diving into a whole different area like social ads to help you grow your business.

Reporting And Results

You can't set and forget PPC campaigns—there are always learnings to be had and improvements to be made. As long as we're working on your account we will be reviewing performance, looking for ways to drive more enquiries or sales, and keeping you informed on exactly where your marketing spend is going and what results it is generating.



PPC can make all the difference to a local business. Our PPC agency can create PPC ads that are targeted to customers in your area, so your services are the ones they find. A PPC agency will also be able to create accurate and in-depth reporting on how your PPC ads are doing, and areas they could be improved.


It could be said that e-commerce companies are seriously missing a trick by not utilising PPC ads. Specialised ad techniques, such as remarketing, are specially designed to target customers who have been looking at your products or services.


PPC advertising will complement your organic efforts as a healthcare providers. By targeting specific medical conditions through keywords, PPC ads can bring in countless new patients. But you’ll want to ensure your PPC agency is an ethical one and will follow legal guidelines when creating ads that relate to healthcare.


PPC ads will be a source of new leads and conversions for law firms. Through careful keyword research and optimisation, customers who require specific legal services in your area of expertise will be able to find you.


A PPC agency will provide a huge boost for enterprise companies. A skilled agency will optimise your PPC campaigns, perform A/B testing to develop better campaigns, and create in-depth reports about the current state of your PPC ad campaigns. Through careful keyword research and implementation, we create PPC campaigns with measurable improvements.


PPC isn’t just for gaining customers in the public sector. PPC can also make a huge difference for businesses that cater to other businesses. We can help business owners to find you by creating perfectly designed PPC ad campaigns that highlight your special skill sets.


How much does PPC advertising cost?

The cost of PPC advertising can vary due to a range of factors, such as platform, competition for the keywords you’re targeting, how they can be targeted, and the quality of the ad.

Some platforms, such as Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising use an auction-style system, where you can bid on the keywords you want to target. Prices for these can range from pennies to hundreds of pounds.

For a more accurate quote, and to find out what our PPC agency can do for you, do not hesitate to get in touch.

What platforms can I advertise on with PPC?

When it comes to PPC ads, the options for platforms are almost limitless. Here are some popular choices for PPC ad platforms:

  • Google Ads
  • Microsoft Advertisements
  • Facebook Ads (this now falls under the umbrella of Meta, which includes Instagram)
  • LinkedIn Ads
  • Twitter Ads
  • Amazon Advertising

How much can PPC increase my site traffic?

PPC advertising can increase traffic to your website quickly, as your ads will be visible at the top of search results from the launch of the campaign. However, the amount of traffic can vary according to the budget for the campaign, the keywords you are targeting, and the competition for those keywords.

For a more accurate estimation of the kind of improvements we can achieve for you, get in touch with us as soon as you can. The sooner we start work, the sooner we can start raking in great results for you.