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Our bespoke SEO audits involve our team of specialists taking an in-depth look at every area of your website and SEO strategy. We cover everything from your technical and on-site SEO, to how off-site SEO is impacting you and your top competitors organic performance.

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Bespoke SEO Audits To Help You
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Whilst free SEO audits offer a great way to get a top-level overview of what areas you should be focusing on, and how our other services will be able to help you drive growth (get in touch if you want to book in your free audit now!), our specialist technical SEO audit service offers you a much more comprehensive look at your website's organic performance and how to improve it.

Our SEO audits are perfect if any of the below sounds familiar:

  • “I have invested heavily into my SEO, but something still seems to be holding me back which I just can’t put my finger on”
  • “I have a great in-house team but could do with an outside perspective and a fresh pair of eyes to pick up on anything that we might have missed”
  • “I need to know exactly why my website isn’t ranking and what I can do to fix it”
  • “I am not sure where to invest my SEO budget next and would like a comprehensive look at my competitors to inform my future strategy”
  • “I have not long launched my business/website and don’t know where to start when it comes to improving my SEO performance”
  • “I have a particularly challenging project coming up and need some technical SEO expertise advice to inform my project planning and implementation”
  • “I have suspicions on what is holding me back in the search engine result pages (SERPs) and would like to get a second opinion before committing time and money towards fixing it”

So, if you are looking for an SEO audit company that knows how to deliver you real actionable insights and tangible strategy recommendations, look no further.

Included in Our SEO
Audit Services

Making sure that Google and the other major search engines can effectively crawl, index and rank your website should be one of your highest priorities. We look at every facet of your technical SEO to identify both the quick wins and the longer-term projects that will be needed to drive long-term growth and success in the organic search results.

We pull data and insights from our suite of dedicated SEO tools to identify the keywords which will drive the most meaningful growth and return-on-investment (ROI) for your business.

The keyword research section of our SEO audits covers things like user journey mapping and topical coverage reports to tell you exactly what keywords your SEO efforts should be focused on.

Keyword data is great but, without the insights on how you can actually rank for your highest priority keywords, it won’t generate you any new business.

Our SEO content audits involve everything from searcher intent analysis and on-site optimisation plans, to feedback on your conversion rate optimisation (CRO) and internal linking strategy, to provide you with a solid plan on how you can effectively optimise your website for your most important search terms.

Whether you just want to know which link building strategies are being used to enhance your competitors' SEO visibility or if your backlink profile could be negatively impacting your website's organic performance, we can help.

All of our SEO audits involve in-depth backlink analysis and recommendations on how you can improve your off-site SEO.

Our SEO audits don’t just focus on you and your website either, we will also be looking at all of your top competitors to inform our analysis and to show you how to outrank them for your most important keywords.

We show you how your key competitors are using on-site and off-site strategies to improve their own SEO visibility, and guide you on how you can do the same.

We log all of the SEO issues and opportunities related to your website on a dedicated project management board which we share with you at the end of your audit project. We prioritise our findings based on the estimated effort each recommendation will take to implement vs the impact that it will deliver, helping you channel your time and resources into the areas that drive the most impact.

We will even schedule a call to run through the key findings and answer any questions you may have.

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Our SEO Auditing

Over the years we have developed a methodical approach to SEO analysis that allows us to deliver tried and tested SEO audit packages that we know you will be able to use to drive a serious improvement in your SEO visibility.


"We believe that your strategy should be bespoke, developed off the back of only the most comprehensive professional audit"

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Discovery & Historical Analysis

We always start by exploring your website and industry from the top down. Better understanding your business and industry will inform everything from our keyword research to our on-site recommendations, so it is important that we start here. At this stage we will also diagnose any previous Google update impact to direct our subsequent technical analysis and research.

Research & Planning

Next, we dive into the data to identify the most relevant and high priority keywords for your website as well as any competitors already ranking top for them. We crawl and segment your website so that we can carry out more targeted analysis on each section and type of page being used across your website.

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Issues & Opportunity Scoping

As we carry out our research on your and your key competitors, we will be logging each and every SEO issue and opportunity that we uncover. If something is hurting your website's organic performance (or helping your competitors), we will find it.

Delivery & Recommendations

Knowing what is holding you back in the search results isn’t enough, we take those insights and turn them into actionable SEO recommendations that you and your team can use to drive serious growth for your business.

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Questions & Answers

We appreciate that you and your team may have questions about how to act on specific recommendations and/or your competitors. A key part of our auditing process is allocating time to answer any questions that you might have, and discuss our audits findings more generally.

SEO Services FAQs

WWhat is an SEO audit?

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An SEO audit is an exploration of your website, target keywords and key competitors carried out by an experienced SEO company. An audit will an SEO expert (or a team of them) analysing in great detail your website and your competitors to diagnose any SEO issues and opportunities.

How much does an SEO audit cost?

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The cost of an audit will vary greatly depending on its level of detail and its scope.

For example, we do offer quick top-level SEO audits for free when we first start talking with a brand about how our services can help them. However, since these are offered free of charge we only have limited time to spend on them.

When you invest in one of our more bespoke SEO audits, we allocate multiple days for our team to go into every detail of your website and SEO strategy. The aim of these audits are to identify the biggest SEO issues and opportunities impacting your website's organic performance.

For a truly bespoke and comprehensive SEO audit you should expect to pay upwards of £3,000 for smaller websites, and £5,000 or more for larger ones.

How long does an SEO audit take?

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Some top-level checks, like those offered in our free SEO audits, can be carried out very quickly and we can share this with you whenever we are scheduled to discuss your potential strategy. A truly in-depth and bespoke audit however will require multiple days and incredibly detailed analysis. Still, we do deliver most audits within 30 days (even for larger websites).

Are SEO audits worth it?

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If you are serious about growing your business with SEO, odds are an SEO audit at some point will provide incredible value. Unlike quick top-level checks that most agencies offer at the pitching stage, a comprehensive bespoke audit allows us to identify the biggest growth levers for your website and show you how to pull them.

Can I get a quality SEO audit for free?

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We can certainly carry out some quick checks on your website and provide you with a few key takeaways and strategy recommendations for free. However, no true SEO professional will be able to go into the details of your SEO strategy without being charging for the time that this would require.

Free audits can be great for quickly identifying if the obvious opportunities for your website and business exist on the technical, on-site and/or off-site SEO side. To find out all of the details as to why your competitors are outranking you, and how to change that, will require proper investment.