Using Data-Driven Digital PR Campaigns to Earn Backlinks

The Brief

When clients approach us, they always have the same vague goals in mind. They want us to generate organic traffic to their site, improve their digital visibility and score them the top spot on the SERP for competitive key terms. 

In aid of this, our digital PR campaigns are specifically brainstormed, researched, written and outreached with a consistent target in sight - gaining editorially credited and field-specific placements

Campaigns for clients that sit within a niche area are one of our specialities. So, when we research and plan Digital PR campaigns for our client Save On Energy, we spend hours engaging with field-specific news and masses of highly authoritative data to craft a campaign beyond the capabilities of the ordinary press.

Our recent ‘Most Polluting Video Games’ campaign was no exception.

Our Strategy

For this campaign, our digital PR team sought to tap into a widely neglected area of research - the polluting effects of the world’s best selling video games. With eco-friendly and sustainable living becoming increasingly prevalent trends and suiting our client’s niche perfectly, our team put their own creative hook on an already topical matter. 

The campaign was data heavy - as many fantastic campaigns are. It involved trawling through heaps of data to find the most relevant and authoritative data sets to analyse and drew upon a wide range of tools to create truly unique and reliable findings. From calculating the average emissions of gaming consoles to totalling up the hours required to complete each of the leading games, we extracted and analysed largely neglected data sets and combined these to craft a strong narrative and ranking system. This data was then written into a fantastic press release and blog asset to showcase the research to the media. 

These were both complimented by a visual graphic designed by our in house graphic designer, which ranked all of the best selling video games in a neat table - from the game with the highest carbon footprint right down to the lowest - that is easy for consumers and journalists to digest. 

When outreaching the piece, we relied on our exceptional knowledge of outreach tools and our strong network of high profile journalists to grant the campaign the attention it deserved. By looking beyond conventional methods of outreach, our Digital PR company was able to reach everyone that would care, and focus on niche sites with extremely high DA scores and relevance to our client. 

The Results

Owing to these being the world’s best selling video games, we were seeking global coverage - which we quickly achieved. The campaign quickly picked up high authority DA placements across Europe, including Bulgaria, Romania, Switzerland and Germany! 

Over half of the placements landed included a link, with a large proportion of these linking from a site with an impressive DA of between 80 and 90. 

What’s more, virtually every placement achieved for SaveOnEnergy linked to a relevant and authoritative site, meaning the content was housed on sites like ComputerWorld, Giga, PCWelt and IlSole24Ore to name a few! 

Brand mentions are valuable, however in this campaign the client was particularly pleased to hear that such a large proportion of the coverage included links back to their site. The campaign allowed us to earn numerous high quality backlinks leading to SaveOnEnergy’s site from reputable sources - exactly what a Digital PR agency is in the game to achieve.

Results Chart - Using Data-Driven Digital PR Campaigns to Earn Backlinks
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