Increasing Domain Rating by 53% in 6 months through Digital PR Link Acquisition

domain rating increase
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Through the strategic creativity and development of campaigns surrounding all elements of job hunting and work life experience combined with in-depth data, we successfully secured international exposure and coverage for our Germany-based client.

This international case study not only acquired 114 high-quality backlinks but also led to an impressive 53% increase in domain rating.


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In January 2022, the team tasked us with gaining links from high authority publications in order to increase their Domain Rating and assist with Organic Ranking.

As with the best campaigns from any digital PR agency, our work with was centered around one core aim—to gain as much high-domain, industry-relevant coverage as possible.

Campaigns for clients that operate in a niche industry are one of our specialties, so we were well placed to secure high domain German coverage.

We targeted German audiences as well as international publications to increase the reach of our campaign and raise brand awareness.


In order to maximise our chance of success, we pitched a multi-campaign strategy that would incorporate multiple data points to ensure media hooks for both German and global audiences.

Given operate in the recruitment sector, we focused our ideation sessions on themes surrounding all elements of job hunting and work life, ensuring our media reach was expanded to sector specific publications, as well as national, regional and lifestyle publications.

Combining these themes with in-depth data was key in giving journalists a reason to link back to the client, by presenting them with a fully rounded and well researched story for their readership.

To ensure we hit the key principles of a successful Digital PR campaign of relevancy, media hooks and reach, our team of data scientists collated numerous relevant and authoritative data sets to analyse and drew upon a wide range of tools to create truly unique and reliable findings.

Through multiple campaigns covering elements ranging from how often German’s lie on their CV, the deeper meaning of work related stress dreams and expert advice on how to dress for a summer interview, we were able to pitch to a wide variety of German and global publications over the course of 6 months.


How many German’s have lied in their CV?

We ran a survey asking Germans if they have lied on their CV and if so what lies they told. The data was gathered for industry, region, age and gender and collated to provide unique angles for each.

The findings of the research were collated and outreached to German National, Regional, Business and Lifestyle publications.


Work Related Dreams Study

We ran a survey asking Germans about their work related dreams, and then worked with a dreams expert to explore the reasons behind the most popular dreams, as well as how to avoid the underlying causes.

The findings of the research were collated and outreached to German National, Regional, Business and Lifestyle publications.



Our strategy of exploring a wide range of topics that still held topical relevancy to the CVapp,de brand, through a number of different campaigns enabled us to deliver 114 links from high authority publications, with an average DR of 66.

The campaigns were covered in publications such as

The links earned through our Digital PR campaign work showed a positive impact on the domain, with the Domain Rating and Citation Flow both showing increases.

Through the links earned through our Digital PR campaigns, the overall Domain Rating of the site increased by 53%, from 17 to 26, while the Citation Flow increased by 62% from 26 to 42.

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