Gaining Relevant Coverage To Uswitch's Car Insurance Page

The Brief


All clients have the same goals when they seek out digital PR help: higher organic traffic, greater digital exposure, and improved search engine ranking performance for competitive keywords and phrases.

Uswitch tasked us to drive traffic to their car insurance page - something that may have left many other agencies stumped. Luckily, the digital PR team here at Reboot don’t have any problems with coming up with niche ideas and gaining inner page links.

Our Strategy


Our team created a campaign to strike the right mix between being creative and relevant to our client's targeted pages. We needed an idea that would gain a large number of high-quality, relevant backlinks and further establish the brand as a leading voice in the industry.  

The team got to work brainstorming ideas relating to cars, insurance and any other topics related to car insurance. According to Google Trends, worldwide searches for the phrase "top auto racing games" were rising. Many may have assumed a unique idea for such a saturated subject was impossible, but not for our Digital PR team. 

So, we set out to find the vehicles that appear the most frequently in video games, and here’s why it worked: 

1. Data visualisation that’s easy to understand 

In the first instance, we looked at the number of times certain manufacturers and models appeared in games on This allowed us to identify the automobile types that appeared the most frequently and the colours and brands that appeared the most often. 

The collection of data was a thorough process, but with our dedicated data team, we were able to condense the findings into simple and easy-to-understand results. Most of the target audience won’t want to sit and crunch numbers when reading, so we did the hard work for them. 

Then comes the data visualisation aspect. Having a solid and attractive graphic to accompany the study was key to allowing the data to be digested by all audience members, whether they spare just a passing glance or spent time reading the entire asset. 

2. Genuinely interesting results 

A campaign is only as good as the interest it generates. After all, digital PR relies on links and getting people talking about the topic, and in turn, the client. For this study, the results were interesting because they were unexpected. 

Rather than just flashy and expensive cars populating the most featured, the Ford Crown Victoria took the top spot. Not just that, the car is most often seen in a fetching yellow shade in the virtual world. 

If our research had found that showy, black convertibles were the most featured cars, then the study wouldn’t have been nearly as compelling. 

3. Thorough research and outreach 

One of the major parts of ensuring a campaign is a success is down to where, when and how you send it out. One mistake many beginners in the industry will make is just emailing the release out to national publications and hoping for the best. 

What you need to do, and what our outreach team is very good at, is handpick publications that have that happy mix between relevancy and high authority. This may make your outreach process longer, but you will almost certainly see better results. 

The Results


After the above points, it should come as no surprise that it was a huge success in obtaining relevant and authoritative placements in editorially credited media. This is a success not only in terms of link-building but also in terms of the whole marketing approach for the client.

As a result of the campaign, Uswitch received more than 20 placements from a range of publications with extremely high domain authority (DA), including:

◾ Jornal do Carro (DA94)

Republicca (DA93)


Auto EveryEye (DA76)

Techaeris (DA75)

The Auto Channel (DA69)

Car Sales (DA68)

The high-quality backlinks gained from these reputable sites naturally boost the inner page rankings on the search engine results page (SERP).

Results Chart - Gaining Relevant Coverage To Uswitch's Car Insurance Page
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