Helping China Airlines Increase Taipei Bookings With PPC Ads

The Brief


China Airlines approached us with a set budget and were looking to increase bookings for their package deals from London airports to Taipei.

They wanted to increase enquiries through Google search ads and wanted an agency to set up, manage and grow the campaigns.

The campaigns and ads had to remain within the parameters supplied by the company.

Our Strategy


The campaigns successfully increased bookings to Taipei, resulting in 50% of clicks on the ads resulting in the user clicking through to request more information on the flights, and multiple flight bookings.

We bought the cost per conversion, in this case the conversion being a button click to request more flight details/start scheduling or planning their flights, down to just £6.58 on average.

Following the initial campaigns success, we were asked to set up similar campaigns to target additional locations including flights from Melbourne and Sydney to Taipei. In the coming weeks we were able to achieve similar results for the additional flight packages and succeeded in helping the team promote their limited time offers.

The Results


We first identified commercial-intent keywords that would help increase Taipei enquiries on the China Airlines site. Keywords such as ‘trips to Taipei’, ‘{airport} to Taipei flights’ and ‘Taipei holiday’ were added to a seed list which would be used in the initial targeting of the ads.

Next we crafted ads relevant to the target keywords and enabled all ad extensions which we thought would increase conversion rates. We used a mix of standard search ads and enhanced dynamic ones to test which performed best.

We also consulted with the in-house developers at China Airlines on design/landing page tweaks to increase conversion rates.

Finally, we ensured conversion tracking was set up correctly, making use of UTM tags to enhance the accuracy of the tracking.

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