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The Brief


Our clients all share the same broad goals when they request our digital PR services: increased organic traffic, improved digital visibility and better SERP performance for competitive keywords and terms. 

For clients that sit within a very specific niche, getting these results and maintaining them typically involves achieving editorially credited and extremely relevant placements. It is always a challenge to craft campaign ideas that align well with a very technical niche like investing but also prove attractive to larger, more authoritative publications. 

However, it is something we have mastered the craft of here at Reboot, having fine-tuned our ideation, research, data collection, writing and outreach processes to create exceptional campaigns for our clients. In fact, our campaign for on the traditional and non-traditional investments Brits were most interested in during COVID-19 is a prime example of this fine-tuning and subsequent success in action. 

You can read the on-site asset from our content marketing team here

Our Strategy

Eager to acquire a wealth of high-quality, relevant backlinks to our client’s page, our digital PR team set to work crafting a campaign that struck the perfect balance between original and topical. With our fine-tuned ideation processes, this is something that our ingenious digital PR team meets the mark on time and time again, with this campaign being no exception. 

Why did this campaign work?

1. Responsiveness and timing 

For this particular campaign, our digital PR team decided to leverage the attitudes and actions that were prevalent at the time, ensuring that the campaign was both timely and relevant. However, we were also keen to cut through the political racket and create content that would remain evergreen and continue to accumulate authoritative links in the months to come. 

Carried out within the first few months of COVID-19 where economic uncertainty grew rife, our team identified an increased eagerness amongst the public to grow their personal finances and safeguard their assets for the future using search volume data. This search volume data revealed the investments that the nation was most interested in making - traditional and non-traditional. 

With COVID-19 and the ‘Stay Home’ message resulting in an unprecedented amount of time for individuals to research and invest, it posed as the perfect time to execute a campaign that offered an insight into the nation’s financial planning habits, so we jumped on the opportunity to cover this at just the right time.  

2. Highly relevant to our client’s niche 

Owing to our client’s renowned background in trading and investments, we wanted our campaign to align closely with their work, offering original, valuable insight into their area of speciality. Hence, we focused on the popularity of certain investments. We also paired the campaign’s findings with some top tips for investing, which showcased the client’s expertise and credibility wonderfully. 

As a result, we were able to present our client as extremely knowledgeable when it came to both their field and current affairs - something that is a must for all reputable trading platforms. The nature of the idea also enabled us to target the most relevant and authoritative publications with meaningful content, enabling us to gain coverage in all of the right places for our client, eToro. 

3. Hone in on relatability 

Additionally, the digital PR team wanted to make the idea quirky and interesting, even for those that weren’t yet acquainted with investing. With new and inexperienced investors entering the market at this time, the Reboot team wanted this campaign to reflect that and prove more relatable to a wider audience. To achieve this, they conducted analysis not only on traditional investments but also unorthodox ones that were growing in popularity too, as these were often assets that the layman was more familiar with - such as whisky, art and even Lego. 

Not only did doing this broaden our capacity to outreach the campaign to publications, but it also enabled us to add a unique spin on an otherwise very technical and exclusive area of interest, which journalists love! 

4. Break down the data 

To further the relatability of the campaign, we also chose to break the research down by regions, enabling journalists and readers to compare the financial planning habits of those in other areas of the country with their own. For example, the campaign found that Scots were most considering purchasing premium collectable whiskey, whilst those in London were most looking to invest in property. In fact, we frequently break complex data down in this way for our campaigns, since we understand that individuals have an intrinsic desire to draw comparisons between themselves and others, which adds to the appeal of our campaigns.

Offering such a breakdown gave journalists more information, which typically drives the success of a campaign. However, it also makes the information more digestible for the audience and enables regional outlets to quickly and easily find an angle that works for them, encouraging greater coverage.

The Results

With such great planning, it was unsurprising to see this campaign have great success gaining relevant and authoritative placements within editorially credited publications. In fact, the campaign was picked up by a wide range of field-specific investment and trading specific publications, presenting our client as a leader in the field, which is a success in terms of link-building and also as a broader PR strategy. 

Some coverage includes:

Proactive Investors

Traders DNA


◾ MarketWatch

As the links earned are relevant and have high domain authority scores, they naturally help to boost eToro’s rankings on the search engine results page (SERP).

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