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SEO EXPERIMENTS Everything we do is driven by creativity but built on our own acknowledged research. Never content to rest on our laurels, we are consistently experimenting, evolving and integrating. Read more about how we are changing the face of digital.


A long-term SEO experiment examining the hypothesis that outgoing links may play a role in Google’s ranking algorithms. The results were conclusive. Results were kindly observed by Rand Fishkin from SparkToro prior to publication.

Brian Dean - Backlinko

“In fact, a recent industry study found a correlation between outbound links and Google rankings.”

Hidden Text

This controlled SEO experiment examined the hypothesis that Google’s algorithms would prefer visible content over hidden content. The experiment clearly demonstrated Google’s preference for visible text.

Rand Fiskin – Moz/Sparktoro

“they (RebootOnline) performed some wonderful, large-scale, long-term tests of CSS, of text area, of visible text, and of JavaScript hiding across many domains over a long period and basically proved to us that what Google says is in fact true, that they are treating this text behind here with less weight”

Negative SEO Study

We investigated the lengths businesses would take to attack their competitors with negative SEO. Results were quite shocking.

Barry Schwartz – Search Engine Roundtable

“an SEO who tried an experiment, emailing 84 site owners across dozens of verticals, to see if they were interested in hiring his company to perform negative SEO. The results were pretty shocking”


An ongoing test to gauge Google's use of image text readability in the search results.

Ongoing experiment


A long term SEO experiment studying the effect on rankings when embedding widely used stock images on your site compared with using your own unique images.

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