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Finding SEO success as an ecommerce brand requires a tailor-made strategy which makes use of advanced on-site techniques alongside the highest quality backlinks. A hybrid approach to building your brand guided by an experienced SEO agency can result in extraordinary growth in sales and revenue.

We see countless online shops neglecting some of the most fundamental parts of on-page optimisation which results in lost sales and lack lustre results. In many ways the competition in ecommerce industries couldn’t be easier. If you consistently follow the right strategy you will eventually out rank your biggest competitors and find the results you are looking for. Designing and following through on such a strategy is the hard part.

Common Ecommerce SEO Issues

We find that ecommerce stores usually suffer from several common issues which stunts their SEO growth.

  • Thousands of product pages, variants and SKUs can seem unmanageable when it comes to technical SEO and content issues.
  • On-page optimisation is heavily automated often resulting in mistakes and missed opportunities.
  • With so many pages, taking content directly from manufacturers can be tempting but this leads to duplicate content issues.
  • Technical SEO issues with canonical tags, pagination and href lang set up.
  • Internal competition caused by the number of similar products and categories.
  • A lack of understanding when it comes to content marketing and keyword targeting.

SEO Opportunities in Ecommerce

If you are an ecommerce store owner, it is likely that you have experienced one or some of the common issues listed above. Fortunately, there are many opportunities when it comes to this type of SEO that you can take advantage of to dramatically grow your business.

  • Other store owners who may rank quite well tend to have similar SEO issues and poorly optimised sites. They rely solely on their link profile to get results which means you can outperform them not only when it comes to links but in every other area to.
  • Duplicate content. Perhaps they still rank because of their link profile but their content is not unique. If you provide valuable, unique content you immediately give yourself a much better chance of outranking them.
  • Paralysed by the size of their own website and product catalogue. Once you commit to improving your online shops SEO, you will realise what a mammoth task it can be without the right direction. As you battle through your on-site and external issues, your competitors sit nervously unsure how they could even begin to sort out their own on-site issues.
  • A lack of understanding of blogging and content marketing means you can target keywords that they are not even aware of. Take the low hanging fruit that you can rank for quickly and start generating sales sooner.
  • Surprisingly, even with the search results being more competitive than ever many business owners simply lack the drive to improve their websites. Google is fast paced and ever changing and those not willing to up their game will soon get left behind.
  • Advanced on-page and content techniques that very few online stores know about. By strategically optimising your content you can create increased authority and be an expert in your industry.
  • Link earning in ecommerce industries can be tough if you don’t know what you are doing. With our help you can secure the highest quality links whilst your competition struggles to find link opportunities.

Our Ecommerce SEO Services

We have years of experience offering ecommerce SEO services to some of the largest online shops in their industry. Our strategies and techniques have secured top 10 positions across thousands of high buyer intent, high search volume keywords which drive sales and conversions.

Tens of thousands of products, variants and SKUs is no problem for us. In fact, this is where our technical SEO specialists most enjoy spending their time. Such websites present endless opportunities when it comes to on-page improvements which can result in huge increases in organic traffic.

Our digital PR services allow us to earn the most powerful, trusted and relevant links for our ecommerce clients. Whilst your competitors are looking for the next guest blogging opportunity, your brand can be gaining links from national press websites and leading industry publications.

The content marketing team are experts in keyword research, generating content ideas and building a buzz around your blog which will allow you to target the low competition, high buyer intent keywords that your competitors miss.

We always focus on ROI which makes our services perfectly suited for online brands who operate online shops. We look to increase your revenue and sales through organic traffic first and foremost before looking at other key performance indicators (KPIs) such as links earned, technical issues fixed and content published to gauge the success of your SEO campaign.

Contact us today to learn exactly how we can help your e-commerce business find success in the search engine result pages (SERPs).

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