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Author: Shai Aharony published:
Mar 15th 2016
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Mar 15th 2016
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Blog Images - A Picture Speaks a Thousand Words...

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If you’ve got a blog - be it personal or business related - chances are you’re aiming to write as much great content as possible in order to optimise your site for SEO purposes; this means you’ll probably be concentrating heavily on text as the most important aspect of your efforts. However, this might not be altogether the smartest move as, after all…

"A picture speaks a thousand words"

Have you ever heard of this saying? Well, although not entirely fitting in this case, it certainly has some truth in it. A well-illustrated blog will enable you to interact with your readers and keep them engaged – in turn driving traffic to your site and securing return visitors.

Time and time again we hear the importance of using social media channels to publicise blog posts and up traffic. Well, if you want your audience/experts in your chosen field to read your blog posts, then a great image, photo, or quirky illustration is a great way to persuade them.

In this blog post, I’ll explain the importance of photos and illustrations (content assets), and provide 3 top tips about how you can utilise images for your own blog.

1. Use relevant images

It goes without saying, but you’d be surprised at the amount of blog posts I’ve seen where the blogger hasn’t used a relevant image for the subject text. Images should always refer to the text and reel your readers in to make them want to read more into the subject.

Images, photos and illustrations for blog posts should be attractive, eye catching and most importantly they should reinforce the text.

2. Use illustrations

For some pieces of content, such as guides or how-to posts, you require images to look exactly as you are imagining in your head. If you have a specific idea for an image but are unable to create one yourself, then hiring an illustrator might be the smartest move you ever make.

Besides the fact that all your images will be tailored specifically to your blog post, will look exactly as you wish them to and will be of high quality, there is an added benefit to hiring a professional; illustrators often have their own style and if you continue to use the same one then his/her style will become synonymous with your blog posts. You will get continuity and people will come to recognise your posts just from looking at the illustration.

You can find great illustrators and their profiles all over the net simply by ‘googling’. Facebook is also a great way to find freelance illustrators showcasing their work and offering their services. 


3. Avoid "Stock" images

In our latest SEO experiment, we found that stock images are treated as duplicate content. This is unsurprising because stock images are often duplicated across hundreds of other sites. As a result, using generic “stock” images can cause ranking issues, which is the last thing you want for your website.

At Reboot, we suggest grabbing your phone or purchasing a camera and get snapping! Not only does this make your brand more human, it also helps your customers to get to know you and build a rapport.


So, it’s clear that photos and images can make or break your blog post; using an appealing relevant image has been proven to increase traffic, decrease bounce rate and gets readers to return to your blog – so don’t neglect them!

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