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Shai Aharony
Managing Director

Shai Aharony

Hi, my name is Shai Aharony and I’m the Founder and MD of Reboot Online Marketing Ltd.

My affair with Online Marketing begun in 2006 when SEO was still in its infancy. I had an unhealthy fascination with getting our own business websites ranking in Google. In those days, Penalties were very rare or non-existent and therefore our feeling of invincibility afforded us experimentation opportunities that just do not exist these days. Our pioneering tactics resulted in our own furniture site ranking number 1 for hundreds of the most competitive searches available. We were regularly beating large companies such as John Lewis, Furniture Village and Amazon.

What really sets us apart from other SEO experts is the fact that we allowed ourselves to evolve. You see, most other SEO experts have resisted changing their approach from those danger free days. Most still use these same tactics with blatant disregard to the dangers it poses on their client’s website and business.

These days, I contribute my time and knowledge on several online communities. Most notably, on one of my favourites SEO blogs When I’m not analysing client data and stats, I spend my time designing and executing SEO experiments that prod and test Google’s algorithms. This gives us great insight and knowledge which is unparalleled in the industry today. We mainly keep this advantage to ourselves but every now and then we publicise results and they tend to become influential in changing common perceptions within the online marketing community. One such recent experiment can be seen here:

As any company owner will attest, there is no such thing as free time. But, when I pull myself away from the PC (or get pulled off by my wife or kids) I release stress at the boxing gym or sometimes on my beloved Triumph speed triple motorbike.
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