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Optimise your Google Shopping campaigns, increase profitability and ROI

Our paid media experts will help you drive more sales with your Google Shopping campaigns.

Want to know how you can get more out of your Google Shopping campaigns?

Drive more sales with Google Shopping

Below are just some of the things that our Google Shopping ad services will help you do:

  • check
    Priortise high profit items
  • check Remarket your products to users from all products
  • check Shift end of season stock fast
  • check Drive larger customer LTV

We help ecommerce stores in all industries set up, manage, and grow successful Google Shopping campaigns.

Ecommerce SEO clients we have already helped:

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Your eCommerce objectives finally realised by our Google Shopping specialists

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eCommerce is fast paced, it’s not all about selling more, sometimes out of season stock needs to be moved or you need more profitability in your sales.

At Reboot we understand ecommerce companies and their business goals, that's why we integrate real world business data into our Google shopping campaign so we can help your business where it needs it most

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How Google Shopping Ads Will Help You

Drive more Sales

Plain and simple, Google Shopping (previously Product listing ads) helps companies sell more.

By placing ads on high value placements such as Youtube, Google’s Display Network (GDN), and combining this with your user data, we can get Google to turn a new customer into a loyal one with ease.

Make more profit

By pulling vital business data like your profit margins into your campaigns, we will help improve the overall profitability of your ad account.

We utilise machine learning bidding strategies to optimise for profit instead of purely value and sales. Ultimately this means that your Google Ads will have a much bigger impact on your bottom line.

Increase LTV

Our specialists will ensure that you are factoring in return rates and Average Order Value (AOV) into your data feed, so that we can more accurately forecast customer lifetime value.

By combining this with lifetime reports from Google Analytics 4 (GA4), we will create a model that helps grow your overall sales from each and every customer.

Additional use of machine learning and retargeting helps push more products to your loyal customers, and drive more sales early in the purchase cycle.

Retarget to users from other platforms

We help our clients make the most of their advertising budget by retargeting the people that you have already captured from other channels.

This, partnered with the other techniques mentioned above, works to increase your overall Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) and allows you to grow your business at a faster rate.

Shift end of line stock

Using product data, we will integrate stock levels into your business data feed, working to clear that pesky end of line stock.

When you have particular areas of focus, we will segment your feed to push those high priority products and keep products moving off the virtual shelves.

Why Reboot as your Google Shopping agency?

Our test and learn approach to Google shopping means we are constantly iterating and testing to lower your CPA and boost your bottom line ROAS (Return on ad spend). Our day to day optimisations focus on:

- Improving Landing Pages
- Optimising Product titles
- Running Image tests (e.g. model vs catalogue)
- Refining category splits
- Developing business data implementations

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Feed Management Services & Merchant Center Setup

At Reboot, we also take care of all of your feed management and merchant center setup.

If you don't have a data feed ready, we can provide you with the tools and know-how to get started and then we can optimise the primary feeds with supplementary feeds via Google sheets.

We port these over to Meta and Tiktok when useful.

We make use of their ecommerce solutions too and provide more dynamic shopping solutions so you can better interact with your customers.

We work with you and your team to ensure that you are providing correct shipping information and return rates which helps to build customer trust. We will set this up so that your PLAs work perfectly.

Reboot will also help you choose a CSS service, which can provide an up to 20% rebate on your Cost Per Click (CPCs).

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Ready to boost your Google Shopping sales?

Our Google Shopping Agency Process

We follow a bespoke process to ensure that our work is tailored to your business goals, objectives and needs. Below is an overview of how our Google Shopping agency approaches campaigns.

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Business Assessment

We start by discussing your objectives, whether you want to reduce your CPA, increase sales, or focus on improving your ROI.

Understanding your business objectives is key to designing our optimal Google Shopping strategy.

Account Audits and Planning

We audit your current feed set up and account structure.

Our Google Shopping experts will identify the key areas of improvement and use these insights to design a roadmap for the coming months.

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Account Implementation and Structure

We plug-in business data over time that will help us reach your business goals. We then create the Google shopping and/or Performance Max campaigns to meet those goals at a budget and pacing that works for you.

Ongoing Optimisations

We will optimise your account with our iterative test and learn approach, we follow a data-led methodology to A/B test changes, and monitor their impact on your KPIs.

Some of the early tests may involve running multiple product titles, or updating images and landing pages via feed rules and supplementary feeds.

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Reporting Success & Learnings

We create a dashboard that will help you understand how we are tracking towards your business goals, but also help us derive insights that we can provide in monthly reports to drive further value for your business.

Google Shopping FAQ?

What is Google Shopping?

Google shopping is a way of selling products via the Google network, reaching placements like GDN, Youtube, Search and beyond.

Your listing ads are visual representations of your products and can include sales and discounts, or even free gifts via coupon codes.

Google Shopping is a great way to reach more customers and drive more sales, and a Google Shopping company will play a key role in ensuring that your campaigns are set up for maximum success.

What budgets do you work with?

Experience has shown us that Google Shopping ads work best at a £2k minimum, however we do have clients that make it work with less always with the aim of increasing spend as returns are seen.

What pricing model do you use?

Being in charge of your budget, we don't like to operate on a percentage model as it risks introducing mis-aligned incentives.

To show you that we are all about your business, we operate on an hourly fee which we charge every month. This allows us to spend our time efficiently in the areas that will generate you the biggest ROI.

When can we start?

Google shopping clients can be onboarded quickly compared to other campaign types, and the first step will be scheduling and intro call and presentation to help us define your strategy.

What factors impact the cost of Google Shopping campaigns and Product Listing Ads?

PLAs are influenced by a number of factors, similar to search ads, but they mainly focus around your bid and quality scores.

Your bid is impacted by smart bidding algorithms that help place your bid based on user data signals. To make best use of your budget, working with smart bidding is key!

Quality scores for PLAs are made up of your product titles, landing pages and images. The effectiveness of each will influence your auction eligibility and the overall quality scores of your ads.

Can you do a Google Shopping audit for me?


We actually make Google Shopping ad audits part of our pitch process in order to better understand your current positioning and account performance.

If you want one, reach out and we will be happy to provide one free of charge.

Do you do more than Google Shopping campaigns?

While Google shopping is our main area of expertise, we are no strangers to Meta and Tiktok shopping solutions.

Social shopping has grown rapidly in recent years and, while it may most popular when advertising lower ticket items, these channels will help get customers in the door to drive larger LTV sales.

Beyond ecommerce, Reboot is a full stack agency. We are a respected SEO company and Paid Media agency , offering a wide range of creative and data-driven services (like our industry-leading digital PR services ),
If you want to talk about any of these, please reach out!


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