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Leeds is the fastest growing city in the UK with a population of over 3 million people. It has over 32,000 VAT registered businesses and is the second biggest centre for financial and business services after London. And with the number of businesses growing by 16% over the last year alone, it’s easy to understand how ranking for a search term containing Leeds is becoming much harder.

Here at Reboot, we understand just how vital it is for your business to achieve the highest search engine rankings, which is why we deliver bespoke solutions for companies requiring expert SEO in Leeds.

Why Leeds businesses need better than ‘standard’ SEO

With such a phenomenal growth in business numbers, standard SEO techniques are simply going to be ineffective in Leeds. You won’t be able to rely on a few superficial backlinks, a clutch of keywords and a jiffy’s improvement to your loading time to land you on Google’s top spot. Those tactics are outmoded and no longer produce benefits.

Besides, doing the same as everyone else won’t help you get ahead of the competition. And if you take the extreme route with your SEO techniques, you’re likely to get handed a Google penalty for using spammy backlinks whilst killing your content with keyword stuffing – your visitors will get turned off and spend their money elsewhere.

You’ve also got stiff competition from well-established businesses. Leeds has above national average numbers of large companies, many of which have high authority, high ranking websites - and you’ll need to compete with these on Google.

Whilst you can opt for PPC to boost traffic, it’s not always a shrewd decision. By adding Leeds to a term, your advertising costs are going to increase by around 100%. One of our client’s estimated PPFC costs rose from £1500 to £3500 per month by adding the word Leeds to the keyphrase. That’s a 133% increase.

Successful Leeds SEO needs a completely different approach.

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How successful SEO for Leeds is best achieved

To rank highly for Leeds based searches, your website has to establish its Google authority. The most effective way to do this is to create content of such high quality that online influencers and authority websites will want to link to it.

This is beyond the remit of standard SEO companies but at Reboot Online, it’s what we do best.

SEO - the Reboot Online way

Everyone at Reboot Online is passionate about SEO and we are committed to getting your website ranking highly for Leeds related searches.

To make this a reality, we offer tailor-made SEO solutions that meet the needs, goals and expectations of our clients. There’s no ‘follow the formula’ approach; instead, we take the time to fully understand your company so we can create a truly bespoke ‘SEO Leeds Strategy’ just for you.

At Reboot, we only employ ethical SEO techniques. We don’t use any methods which violate Google’s Webmaster Guidelines and put your website at risk of a penalty. You’ll never find us paying for backlinks or taking part in other link schemes. Our approach is far more creative: we secure higher ranking by earning links from authority websites and this is achieved by producing great content. You’ll also find that our content improves user engagement and increases your conversion rates.

And we know how to do Leeds SEO

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What makes a first-rate SEO company?

We believe it’s down to two things: guaranteeing long-term success for clients and achieving things that win the respect of the SEO industry. At Reboot, we accomplish both.

With Leeds SEO, we’re elated at our clients’ successes. For example, we helped First Light Landscaping rank in the top two on Google for many of their most vital search terms, including ‘landscape gardener Leeds.’ This has resulted in significant growth in traffic and the acquisition of several lucrative, long-term clients.

Similarly, we helped JL Joinery achieve top three rankings for a range of important key phrases, including ‘carpenter Leeds’ and ‘Leeds joiner’. The resulting increase in visitors has produced many new projects and led to a sizeable increased in turnover. Whilst our clients are over the moon about the results we deliver, what also makes us proud is the recognition we receive from some of SEO’s most high-profile websites and practitioners. Reboot’s research has been cited on a raft of influential websites, including Moz, Search Engine Land and Entrepreneur.

Though we don’t usually make a song and dance about our success, we do hope it demonstrates that Reboot Online is the sharpest tool in the box when it comes to current Leeds SEO practice.


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What makes Reboot Online stand out from other Leeds SEO companies?

The main difference between Reboot and other SEO companies in Leeds is that we consistently develop our methods in line with changes to search engine algorithms. The majority of SEO companies continue to use outmoded techniques which, besides being obsolete, can also be very dangerous.

At Reboot, we don’t just keep pace with SEO development; we actively contribute to the research that advances it. When we publish our results, the SEO industry takes notice, as this Search Engine Journal post clearly shows.

What does ethical SEO mean and why does Reboot use it?

What underpins all development in SEO is the desire by search engines to provide users with a better user experience. When you search for something, they want to provide you with the most useful results they can. To do this, today’s algorithms are programmed to seek out high-quality content from high authority websites that are linked to from other authority websites.

At the same time, algorithms are also looking to weed out low-quality web pages that use unethical link schemes to help them rank higher. If a search engine suspects you have been using these unethical techniques, your site will be penalised and will disappear from their search results.

These unethical techniques include getting backlinks from directory submissions, forums and blog comments or from the buying and swapping of links. If you use these methods, you will receive a penalty. It may not happen straight away and you could even see your traffic increase over the short term but, eventually, your website will vanish and your organic traffic will cease.

For this reason, Reboot never uses any unethical SEO techniques. Our objective is to create content of such high-quality that high authority websites will want to link to it and which your visitors will find valuable and engaging.

Take a look at what Matt Cutts, leader of Google’s Webspam Team, has to say about content and links:

Why is it difficult to rank for the term ‘Leeds’?

Leeds is one of the UKs largest cities with a rapidly growing business population. For many of its thousands of companies, ranking highly for Leeds related searches is vital for their long-term success. This means there is fierce competition to secure a listing on Google’s first page.

Achieving top level ranking on Google can only be done through the pursuit of excellence. Your business needs to earn five-star reviews and outstanding feedback to forge an authoritative online reputation and you need superlative content to attract those crucial links from influential sites.

At Reboot, we know what it takes to build great online reputations. And we have the expertise and experience to produce exceptional content and make sure it’s seen by the websites and influencers who you need links from. All you’ll need to do is carry on giving your customers a great service.

Why is Reboot more expensive than other Leeds SEO companies?

One reason is that we never outsource the work we do for clients. To guarantee everything meets our high standards, all our work is done in-house.

We’re also more expensive because the tasks we undertake are more demanding than standard SEO. Our techniques require a team of experts to ensure success. And we don’t use the same strategy for each client, either, our services are customised to meet your needs.

How much do you charge for SEO services in Leeds?

It isn’t possible to give an exact cost as all our services are bespoke. However, we work for companies of all sizes, from one-person businesses upwards. Depending on your needs and goals, our services can cost from £500 - £750/month up to £3000 – £10,000/month.

Where are you based?

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If you are looking for a company that provides SEO for Leeds, it’s beneficial to choose a Leeds based SEO company that is near enough to visit and has a better understanding of what’s going on in the city.

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