Journalism Service

At the crux of it, our role as content creators in a digital PR company is to earn pure and organic links for our clients’ website, helping demonstrate brand authority, and highlighting how your business is at the forefront of your sector. The only way of demonstrating wealth of knowledge is through our journalism service which is an in-built part of digital PR.

Whilst we have our secret nuggets of success, there are clear-cut foundations which we include in our process of outreaching.  

Clear structure

We like to ensure our information is clear, concise and accurate. Anyone from the media loves to have all facts, figures and key points to hand without having to come back for more information. Therefore, we do everything we can to eliminate questions, making sure our structure is outlined from the onset, and the order is chronological to understand clearly.



There’s nothing more powerful than a good statistic, whether it’s derived from a primary or secondary data source. Journalists love to piece together an article that is supported by valuable data, so when we send out an online digital PR campaign, we are determined to ensure we provide hands-on information which is fresh and innovative and true. Nothing worse than outdated or untraceable statistics.

Strong headline

Our objective is to attract the most relevant journalists, with a powerful subject line that lures them in almost immediately; ensuring we have a high open rate for emails sent. Each specialist in our team has certainly perfected their own method when reaching out to journalists. They know the type of headlines that stick, and the ones that journalists just ignore. 


A lot of the time, a research campaign needs visual representation of the data explored, to make it much easier on the eye of the reader and the receiver. Visuals help simplify statistics and make a campaign look even more attractive. We love working closely with our in-house designer who has plentiful ideas to drive an online campaign to success.