Who Is the Hardest Working Member of the Royal Family?

It seems that every other day there’s another royal in the news carrying out an engagement or appearance at various events and services. But which one did the most over the year?

Reboot, an SEO company and digital PR agency, scraped hundreds of pieces of data on The Royal Court Circular to determine who can be crowned the hardest working member of the royal family in 2022. 

Who Was the Hardest Working Member of the Royal Family in 2022?

The hardest working royals in 2022

It is Princess Anne who tops the list of hardest working royals in 2022, with an impressive 214 engagements throughout the year. This is over 131% more than Princess Alexandra, who is at the bottom of the list in 11th. 

Newly appointed King Charles III comes in second place, having taken part in 181 royal engagements in 2022. This is 103 more than the Duke of Kent (78 royal engagements) who ranks in 10th place. 

With 143 royal engagements during 2022, Edward, Earl of Wessex ranks third. The count is 3.5% higher than his wife — Sophie, Countess of Wessex — who is in 4th with 138 royal engagements during the year. 

At the other end of the scale, Princess Alexandra ranks in 11th place with 44 royal engagements in 2022. It is 56% less than Camilla, the Queen Consort (102 royal engagements), who ranks 6th. 

How Many Engagements Did Royal Family Members Do Each Month?


1. Anne, Princess Royal

Princess Royal Anne 2022 Engagements

The hardest working royal, Princess Anne, carried out a whopping 30 engagements in November — the most done in a single month out of all the royals in this study. 

It seems she ended the year as hardworking as she started it too, with 11, 19, and 20 engagements respectively in January, February, and March.

She then had a busy couple of months during the summer with 24 engagements in July and 22 in August before slowing down in August with just four. 

2. King Charles III

King Charles 2022 Engagements

King Charles III has an average of 15 royal engagements each month, meaning he’s the second most hardworking royal in 2022. 

The busiest period for the now-King was between March and June with a total of 81 engagements during these four months. 

His quietest months in terms of royal engagements were January (six engagements), August (one engagement) and December (six engagements)

3. Edward, Earl of Wessex

Edward 2022 Engagements

The final actively working royal out of the late Queen Elizabeth’s children in this list is Edward, Earl of Wessex. His total of 143 engagements is admirable, especially when you compare it to that of Edward, Duke of Kent who places 10th with 78 engagements over 2022. 

May, June and November were Earl of Wessex’s busiest months (20 royal engagements each month) and his quietest months were October (seven) and December (four). 

4. Sophie, Countess of Wessex

2022 Engagements

Edward is closely followed by his wife, Sophie — Countess of Wessex — who has a total of 138 royal engagements in 2022. This is just over 3.5% fewer appearances than her husband. 

Her busiest months of the year were June (19 engagements) and November (18 engagements) while she took a well-deserved break in July (two engagements) and August (four engagements). 

5. William, Prince of Wales 

Prince William 2022 Engagements

The heir to the throne was the fifth most hardworking royal in 2022. William, the Prince of Wales carried out 126 engagements throughout the year — a third more than his wife, Catherine the Princess of Wales. 

William follows the trend of August being the quietest month for royals (with just 18 engagements in total for all members in this study). 

However, he stepped it up in March and May with a mighty 19 and 21 respective appearances throughout the month. 

6. Camilla, Queen Consort

Camilla 2022 EngagementsCamilla was another royal who received a new title in September, after the sad passing of the late Queen Elizabeth II. She has an average of just over eight engagements a month over the year, with her busiest months being June and November with 15 appearances each. 

Like many other royals, she took a break in August where she didn’t carry out any engagements at all. 

7. Prince Richard, Duke of Gloucester

Prince Richard 2022 Engagements

Prince Richard is the cousin of Elizabeth II and in his fourth decade of being a working royal. The Duke of Gloucester hasn’t fully slowed down though, with a total of 100 engagements in 2022. 

Out of these, he carried out an impressive 17 in November and 16 in June while pausing slightly in August (no engagements) and December (two engagements). 

8. Birgitte, Duchess of Gloucester

Duchess of Gloucester 2022 Engagements

Prince Richard is followed by his wife, Birgitte, Duchess of Gloucester. With just six fewer engagements than her husband, she is in eight place of the most hardworking royals in 2022. 

Her busiest and quietest months are the same as her spouse’s, November with 17 engagements and August with zero. 

9. Catherine, Princess of Wales

Catherine 2022 Engagements

The Princess of Wales is in ninth place, with 90 engagements in 2022 — this is over 33% fewer appearances than the Prince of Wales.

March was a busy month for her with 16 engagements, including attending a Commonwealth Service in Westminster Abbey and various appearances in Belize for the Platinum Jubilee. SLowing down in August, Catherine just attended the XXII Commonwealth Games in Birmingham on the 2nd of the month. 

10. Prince Edward, Duke of Kent

Prince Edward 2022 Engagements

In tenth place of the most hardworking royals in 2022 is Prince Edward, the Duke of Kent. He carried out 78 engagements over the year, with the most taking place in November (15 appearances). 

November is the royals’ busiest month, with a total of 190 engagements taking place across those in this study. 

Some of these engagements include attending carol services in Westminster Abbey, visiting museums, and being present and services of remembrance. 

11. Princess Alexandra

Princess Alexandra 2022 Engagements

Rounding out the list of the hardest working royal of 2022 is Princess Alexandra with a total of 44 engagements over the year. 

November was the busiest month in Princess Alexandra’s diary with nine royal engagements taking place. Her calendar was pretty clear in January, April and August though with just one appearance in each month. 


1. Reboot SEO Company sought to calculate which working member of the royal family has had the most royal engagements in 2022. 

2. Utilising The Royal Court Circular the number of engagements by each member of the royal family between 01/01/2022 to 31/12/2022 have been recorded, these were then added together and ranked.

3. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, and the Duke of York were not included in this study as they have stepped down as working members of the royal family. 

4. Princess Beatrice and Eugene were not included in this study as their engagements are not listed on The Court Circular. The Prince and Princess Michael of Kent and the Duchess of Kent were not included in the study due to having insufficient number of engagements compared to the other royal members. 

5. All data was collected on 12/12/2022 and is accurate as of then.