Content Asset Creation

Content Marketing isn’t just about writing blog posts. Every piece of content is an asset to your brand, and many different types of content assets can be created to maximise online exposure and increase brand engagement. So what are these marketing assets and why do you need them?

What are content assets?

Essentially, content assets are all pieces of content that your brand can use to help people believe in what your business does.

In content marketing, these creative assets are usually online, and can be promoted and interacted with by potential consumers. Some examples of content assets include:

  • E-books: a digital book that covers a certain topic at length.

  • Articles: blog posts on your own site, or even guest blog posts hosted on another site

  • Cheat Sheets: a quick and informative graphic that users can use for reference, and example of this would be our HTML cheat sheet, which we created to help bloggers and content marketers nail using coding for their own content.

  • Studies/Surveys: this is a great marketing asset to have, as it can be used/promoted through other forms of content - either in blog posts or press releases.

  • Videos: Shareable and digestible content in the form of videos works wonders for your brand.  

  • Apps: Helping users interact with your brand in a unique way wherever they are

  • Graphics/data visualisation: using another asset, such as a blog post or survey, you can visualise your data in a way that is shareable and fun

  • Interactive assets: Another way to visualise what you do and help potential customers directly engage and share your brand.

It is important to bear in mind that your content shouldn’t be salesy in the slightest- but genuinely useful in order to promote shares of the content and trust in your brand. A content marketing company will know the best marketing assets for your particular niche, as they may not all be relevant to your business,

Why do you need content assets?

Content assets are fantastic lead generators, as well as being compelling and useful to people interacting with your brand for the first time.

They help to establish your business as a thought leader with authority in your industry. Not only does it create this great first-impression, but these very marketable assets help generate backlinks and shares - essentially, they do the marketing work for you without having to pay for a single ad.

Why Reboot are equipped for this?

We don’t create content for the sake of creating content. We offer value to your clients and your industry. Our content pieces act as mini campaigns that can help you with a great many number of your business goals, including:

  • Helping you to rank higher in search engines for cleverly targeted long-tail keywords with our blog posts

  • Promoting shares with innovative data visualisation, custom-made by our in-house graphic designer

  • Encouraging backlinks and print coverage with heavily researched studies and surveys

We are not only involved in the creation of your content assets, but also their promotion. Our PR team has their finger on the media pulse, and with their extensive database of journalists, bloggers and influencers, your content can fly.

If you would like to hear some content asset ideas for your business- get in touch!



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