Technical SEO for Recycle Zone

The Brief is a price comparison site for anyone looking to sell their old mobile or electronic device for cash. The site operates in a very competitive industry and was new to the market but wanted to see results fast. Given the nature of the business, many pages on the website were targeting very similar keywords and as such internal competition was a real issue. The site was ranking well in the top 100 at times for some high volume and high competition keywords but the wrong pages were ranking and so they would regularly drop out of the index only to briefly appear later.

Our Strategy

Knowing that internal competition was an issue and that if the wrong page was ranking for a target keyword, it could not perform as strongly in the SERPs we knew that this was where we should focus our efforts. We needed to address the content issues on the site to remove any internal competition between pages. We re-wrote content on all key pages to ensure that they were laser-targeted and optimised for their main keywords and added internal links to other key pages where necessary and where we were seeing clear examples of internal competition.

The Results

First page rankings were secured and now consistent as the pages most relevant to the target keywords were the ones being placed in the top 10 results.  The site went from 0 to over 9000 organic visitors a month within 4 months. With much room for growth, the Recycle Zone website is now ranking highly for hundreds of high conversion keywords including #5 for a key search term with 12,100 searches a month.

Results Chart - Technical SEO for Recycle Zone
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"We were always ambitious but never dreamed that we could see such high rankings within such a short period of time. We are ranking strongly for a huge number of keywords now and the traffic and conversions clearly reflect that."

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The results

Results Chart
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