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Case Studies: SEO Services

Company: 1st Class Protection Ltd

Background: 1st Class Protection has a small site which did not rank for any keywords apart from its domain name. The only traffic the site received is from the odd visitor searching for the company name which indicates the visitor was already aware of the company. It is safe to say that the company has never gained any new clients from its web presence. In total, the site received between 0 - 4 visitors a day.

Brief: The MD of 1stclassprotection first contacted Reboot Online in August 2012. After an initial meeting where we learnt a bit more about the client’s requirements and expectations, we have put together a proposal list of phrases that we should target concentrating on the keyphrases that the client thought best fitted the services he offered such as “residential patrol” and “security companies” both of which are very competitive in the private security field.

Results: Within 6 months, we have got the company to the top 3 postion in Google for all of the key phrases chosen. Some good rankings have started to appear after only 3 weeks of starting the campaign with a steady and gradual increase on almost a daily basis. Below is a graph showing the climb of the most competitive keyword we were after.

SEO Results

In Their Own Words: “Shai, just wanted to tell you that we have had another contract signed today as a direct result of yours and Kate’s excellent work. Expect to see our security vans around Lords cricket ground very soon.”

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