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May 1, 2022
Victoria Affleck
May 1, 2022
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Working In Digital PR

Why work in digital PR?


Digital PR has a lot to offer, from measurable results to collaborative environments and a varied workload. However, if you are looking to enter the world of digital PR, or working in a digital PR agency, you will want to know more about it, how to land yourself the best roles and what to do once you have a digital PR role. Fortunately, we have all of the details right here to help, with information on the following topics:

How to get a job as a digital PR


Resources to help a digital PR




Digital PR vs Digital Marketing


Many prospective digital PRs may get confused between and digital PR, since they overlap in their nature and bear a similar name. However, it is important to understand that digital PR is just a small component of a digital marketing strategy, but valuable nonetheless. 

Digital PR involves ideation, campaign creation and outreach specifically with the intent of gaining backlinks for your client. Meanwhile, digital marketing can be a combination of social media, digital PR, content marketing and SEO, instead. 

Many prospective marketers can either pursue a career in digital PR alone, where they can specialise in just one niche, or digital marketing, where they can support and work across all of the different specialisms. 



Advantages and disadvantages of working in digital PR


If you want to work in digital PR, you first want to understand what it is like, for the good and the bad. There is certainly more positive aspects of digital PR than there is negative, but it is worth noting them all anyway:




  1. With a varied workload, digital PR is the perfect industry for those that seek excitement and want to be hands-on. 

  2. Digital PR is very sociable and collaborative, which means that you should never become lonely within the team.

  3. You get to work with a wide range of clients (if you work in an agency), which means that you gain experience working on different brands, crafting different ideas. 

  4. You can develop strong relationships with those in the media and gain valuable links in the meantime. 

  5. Gaining coverage for your client on publications can be very fulfilling and rewarding. 

  6. It’s a very creative industry, with plenty of chances to bring your ideas to life.

  7. There are plenty of opportunities for career progression.



  1. Within digital PR, you may be required to balance quite a lot of different tasks and projects at any one time. This means that you will need to be highly organised in order to succeed.

  2. You need to be careful in creating digital PR campaigns, since they can leave you open to liability if mistakes are made. 

  3. The clients largely determine what kind of work you do for them and to what timescales. 

  4. You will need to be resilient and determined when outreaching specific campaigns, since coverage is not always guaranteed. 


What to expect from a digital PR career


When you begin a career in digital PR, you can expect a dynamic and fast-moving work life, with plenty of opportunities to build connections and progress up the ranks in your career, whether it be through promotions, gaining clients or growing as a business. In fact, with e-commerce becoming increasingly popular and relevant, digital PR is only going to expand in the coming years, so it is an incredibly exciting career to be starting up at this moment in time. 



Where to find digital PR jobs


So, now you know about digital PR and have a clearer idea of whether the industry suits you, you need to know how to get your foot in the door...


Job sites

The most obvious place to seek digital PR roles is on job websites. You can often quickly and easily apply for positions and compare opportunities based on their whereabouts, job description, companies and salaries. 

Social media 

Plenty of more niche opportunities are advertised across social media and shared directly by brands and recruiters. For example, you may want to set up job notifications for specific agencies or brands on LinkedIn or regularly check their Twitter and Instagram posts. 

Through networking 

You can also seek opportunities in digital PR by being proactive and making connections with those in the industry. By asking around about potential opportunities and showcasing your skills, you are more likely to be offered a role that hasn’t been advertised.



Top tips for landing a digital PR role


Present bold and confident ideas to agencies as part of your application to show the value you can bring and how creative you are. 


Make your application stand out, either through creative CVs or submitting an exciting portfolio.


Take the time to perfect your application until you are entirely confident in it. 


Find and pursue any opportunities for work experience, whether it is a short term media placement or an internship. Even temporary work opportunities will provide you with the chance to convey what you can do. 


Get to grips with the key terms, as these will help you demonstrate a thorough and clear understanding of digital PR.




How to find out if a job in digital PR is right for you


If you are looking to discover whether digital PR is a good fit for you, you should consider doing the following things:


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