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Digital PR is an online marketing strategy businesses use to increase their online presence. It still retains some of the features of a traditional PR strategy, but focuses on gaining quality backlinks from higher authority domains. The ultimate goal is to improve your SERP rankings for the keywords that matter to your veterinary practice.  

So, whether you want to be found more easily by people in the local area, rank higher for the services you offer or improve the quality of your media coverage, Reboot’s digital PR services for vets will help you to achieve your goals. 


Vets: Meet your new digital PR agency

By increasing your online visibility, more people will naturally be drawn towards your site. This will lead to more organic traffic, more customers and, importantly, more online conversions. 

A digital PR campaign is a news story or study published in your name that is on-brand and topical enough to get published by high authority websites. These will then link back to your site as a credit for supplying the story/study. 

Campaigns can be designed specifically to meet your core business goals, ensuring they are bespoke, as well as highly personalised and relevant to your organisation’s requirements. 

They will also help to ensure that you become a recognised expert in veterinary practice, further increasing your level of authority and reliability, enhancing your SERP rankings, online visibility and level of trustworthiness. 

Increasingly more people are using online methods to find services and trustworthy professionals. For a veterinary business, it is vital that your customers, particularly any new customers, are aware of:

▪️ Who you are

▪️ What services you can offer

▪️ Where you are located

▪️ How they can contact you 

Digital PR campaigns for vets can help raise your online presence, making it easier for people to find you online and access those services they need and desire as efficiently as possible. 


What are the benefits of digital PR for vets?   


Personalisation and visibility

Your personal business goals and objectives will help ensure that your digital PR strategy is bespoke to your company and is aligned with your ethos, values and desired outcomes. 

One way of achieving this is through backlinks - links on one website that point to another website. These act as votes of confidence for your web page, and earning authoritative links from reputable sites will boost your ranking even further. 

Over time, this will increase your overall reputation as the ‘go to’ veterinary service and help you outrank your competitors, as you will be featured on higher authority websites. 

Allows you to monitor success 

This refers to the profitability of your digital PR campaign, not just in terms of financial, but also brand visibility, customer satisfaction and other qualitative aspects that are sometimes harder to judge. 

There are many different ways to measure the success of a digital PR campaign. Using data analytics tools, we can help judge the relative successes and suggest areas for further development as part of a continual analysis. This allows us to adjust the campaign quickly, in a time-efficient manner.  

All of this will depend on your business goals and what you want the campaign to achieve. Whether it is increasing the amount of traffic to your website, increasing the number of new customers each month, or increasing the proportion of your customers who book online. 

Keeps your customers engaged

On-site assets are a fundamental part of your digital PR strategy. We can remove the hassle by writing them on your behalf, and keeping them up-to-date once live, in order to sustain fresh, exciting and newsworthy assets on your website.

Examples of assets are as follows:

▪️ Posts - showcasing figures, statistics and datasets from our research 

▪️ Interactive assets - quizzes, infographics and surveys are a great way to keep your customers engaged whilst providing invaluable feedback 

▪️ Videos - short and sweet examples from your practice, such as latest news updates on key stories or helpful hints and tips for animal care. 

As the veterinary industry is built on trust, it is important that you create the best first impression possible. Your on-site assets play a vital role in keeping your customers informed, engaged and coming back to your site again and again. 

Promotes your services 

According to Statista, in 2021, 65.32 million people in the UK are active internet users, representing 96% of the population. Therefore your veterinary practice needs to be able to promote your services online in order to captivate your audience. 

The best way to promote your business is online, where customers can browse your content from the comfort of their own homes or on mobile devices when on the go.

You can also use this opportunity to publicise online promotional offers such as vaccinations, pet health care plans or seasonal sales reductions on pet products.     

Keeps your audience informed   

High quality, informative content is likely to produce a higher click-through rate (CTR) than aggressive ad campaigns. People are more likely to retain interest if they feel educated by a campaign rather than a sales pitch that makes them feel forced into making a purchase.  

For instance, providing information on personal pet care, the benefits of following a healthy diet for your pet and exercise plans are more likely to keep your clients informed of good practice, instead of showing them a list of products available at your centre. 

This will help foster a sense of trust with your client base that you have their pets’ interests at heart rather than just trying to sell them your products and services.


Digital PR services for vets 


Relevant and authoritative links

One of the ways to outrank your competitors is to establish authority within your industry. To achieve this, you will need to earn links from authoritative websites.  

At Reboot, we have a wealth of experience working with niche industry organisations in order to achieve higher domain authority. Trustworthy sites tend to link to trustworthy sites, so as soon as you establish those links, you begin to build your brand and an audience who believe in your business. 

Our ultimate goal is to try and get your website ranking as high as possible on the search engine results pages (SERPs). Most people searching online will click on the number one organic result on Google. So the higher you are in the rankings, the greater chance you have of people clicking on your website. 

Localised and international campaigns   

The more visible you are online, the more likely you will rank for local veterinary services and the easier it is for people to find you. In return, it will help to verify your business as a trustworthy one, which will further enhance your E-A-T. 

However, if you have not expanded your veterinary business into other countries and parts of the world, we can still carry out global campaigns. From a SERP ranking perspective, an authoritative link is highly valuable regardless of where it comes from in the world and will still have a positive impact on your rankings. 

We have a team of highly specialised digital PR experts who have extensive experience dealing with international campaigns across the world. Combined, they speak 20 languages and have developed a considerable network of international links with journalists, organisations, and publications worldwide. 

They will be able to use all of this to ensure that your campaigns are targeted to the right publications in order to reach the right target audience for your veterinary service. In return, appearing in these high-quality, authoritative sources will further boost your online visibility, credibility and level of trustworthiness. 

Data-driven ideas and campaigns

Data drives everything that we do, the decisions we make, and how we assess the efficacy of those decisions. We will analyse data from your customer interactions in order to better educate and target them for individualised selling. 

Our remarkable data team can scrape data from a variety of sources. We have access to specialist libraries in order to collect data that is not widely available to other agencies. 

We are experts in data mapping and data visualisations - they have an innate understanding of what works in the world of graphics. They can create an extensive range of graphs, maps, diagrams and infographics that represent the data using exciting, unique and progressive techniques. These experts also work in a timely manner that ensures maximum accuracy and efficiency across a range of digital PR strategies.  

This scraped data is often irresistible to journalists and can transform your brand into a source of information rather than just regurgitating old information that anyone can use. 

On-site assets 

Here at Reboot, we do our own research, scrape raw data, and develop innovative campaign ideas like no other online PR company can. All of this goes towards creating effective on-site assets.

Our highly skilled data team is trained to carefully source data using robust methodologies. This is then presented using a variety of exciting data visualisations that will increase the appeal of your campaigns and the “shareability” of them across various media platforms. 

All of our material is written with three key areas in mind:

1. Making you rank as high as possible on the SERPs with high-quality, original content 

2. Ensuring your digital PR campaigns are as shareable as possible 

3. Helping to build backlinks 

These on-site assets are written to be as evergreen as possible, meaning it is continually relevant and stays fresh for years to come. We can ensure it is fully optimised and appears high on the SERPs for keywords and search terms relevant to your organisation. 

Each piece of content we create will help contribute to your company’s overall growth and be designed perfectly to fit in with your wider marketing strategy. 

Inner-page links   

Traditionally, digital PR focuses on your home page and asset links. Therefore it is unlikely that many of your competitors will have links going directly to, and giving authority to, many pages like this - putting you one step ahead of your rivals! Backlinks to inner pages are often more worthwhile if you are looking to boost a specific category or product. 

Getting these links to category/product inner pages is a lot tougher than getting a link to your homepage or on-site assets. We have been offering this service for many years, and this is something our team of digital PR specialists are well-practised and equipped to achieve. 

If you are willing to invest your time and money in getting active with local groups and sharing useful information within the local community, then the chances of you receiving mentions, likes, and links are likely to increase dramatically too.  

Newsjacking and reactive PR   

Newsjacking involves taking advantage of current events or news stories in order to promote or advertise your brand, products or services. 

Our team of experts react to trending news stories, plan out campaigns in accordance with relevant national days, and scour media requests made by journalists to make sure you can provide expert commentary as soon as it is needed. 

Staying up to date with relevant news stories and events highlights to your customers that you are in keeping with the latest trends in the field of veterinary science, thus increasing your authority and level of trustworthiness. Publishing information about the latest treatments or technological breakthroughs can help to show your clients that you ‘know your stuff’ and are ahead of the curve in relation to your competitors. 

This is also extended to our ability to build targeted links to inner pages through reactive campaigns, which by nature are spontaneous and in response to news stories as they happen. However, our team of experts are constantly thinking on their feet and forward planning in their approach to news stories. 

By keeping their ears close to the ground and meticulously tracking key developments, they can pick up on these news stories as soon as they happen, ensuring your business is the first to pick up on it too. 


Topical campaigns to secure national links

During Halloween, we were tasked with finding out which costumes would be flying off the shelves this year in order to meet this rising demand. 

Firstly, by collecting data from articles that referenced 35 pet Halloween costumes, we were able to search for variations of each costume such as ‘pet’, ‘dog’ and ‘cat’, for example, and their associated search volumes. The data was totalled for each search term using worldwide results and individual countries, including the UK, USA, Australia, Canada and New Zealand. 

With our specialist outreach approach, we were able to secure an impressive 48 placements in total, including the Manchester Evening News, The Liverpool Echo and The Chronicle Live, to name but a few. 


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