Need to check server response codes, redirects and/or redirect chains in bulk? Our live tool will help.

What Our Server Response & Redirect Tool Checks


Redirects are a key part of the online ecosystem and serve a vital purpose. This tool checks if your test URL is being redirected and, if so, how many redirects it is going through before returning a final URL. It also identifies what kind of redirect is in place.

Redirect Chains

Redirect chains consist of an original URL going through multiple redirects (sometimes called ‘redirect hops’) before arriving at the final destination URL. They can increase the amount of time that it takes to access and/or crawl the final URLs.

John Mueller, a Search Advocate at Google, has said that Google won’t follow a redirect chain more than 5 hops when crawling a site and agrees that they can slow things down for users.

Where possible redirect chains should be avoided (or when this is not possible the number of hops should be kept to a minimum) and this tool highlights when your test URLs are going through multiple redirect hops before arriving at the final URL.

HTTP Response Status Codes

HTTP response status codes identify if a HTTP request has been successfully completed and, if not, provides information as to why it could not be successfully completed.

You can find a comprehensive list of HTTP response status codes here.

How Do I Use The Redirect & Server Response Checker?

Simply add any domains or URLs that you wish to test in the box above and click ‘CHECK DOMAINS/URLS’.

We will take care of the rest and display the response status code and (if applicable) the number of redirect hops of the test domain(s) and/or URL(s).