Meet the Team

Reboot is a melting pot of talent, and here you can explore the teams that make the company a success. Read about everyone’s exceptional skills that they bring to every campaign, every client, every day.

Content Team

Our ever-expanding creative team are word wizards, producing editorial magic whenever we wave our wands. We create strong content marketing strategies for clients, powered by our content and copy in the form of press releases and blog content. With expertise in primary research as well as analysing secondary data, our targeted digital PR campaigns have the power to gain coverage the client deserves.

SEO Team

Our SEO team knows what it takes to get you to the top – of Google’s search results! Our technical talent will monitor Google algorithms and optimise your site and drive traffic where it needs to be. Not only can we get you ranking, but we are specialists in Google penalty recovery too.

Outreach Team

From links on national newspapers to guest posts on a key influencer’s blog, the outreach team at Reboot have spent years building and nurturing our media contacts. We ensure that our clients get the links and coverage they deserve to drive their SEO efforts and exposure of their brand.

Web Dev Team

Our dynamic web developers can make your website come to life with their cutting-edge skills in programming and application building. Let them take care of your website, both the front and back-end, ensuring that the face of your company is the best it can be.