Be a CEO for a Week

Have you ever dreamed of being a CEO and running the show? Turn those dreams into reality with our brand-new work experience scheme.

The Opportunity

Introducing Reboot’s Be a CEO for a Week initiative.

As acting CEO of Reboot, you will observe the agency's inner workings, provide feedback to Reboot staff, attend Senior Leadership meetings, and tackle operational problems.

Come away with a week's work experience (and some fun!) to add to your CV and have a stand-out story to share during interviews.

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Deadline: Friday, May 31st
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Reporting to

Our CEO, Shai Aharony, and key Senior Leadership team members.

Key Objective

Designed to help grads and young professionals gain valuable work experience, learn about the responsibilities and complexities required when running a successful business, and understand how leaders create value in their organisation.

We want to uncover the next generation of leaders and give them an opportunity to walk in the shoes of our CEO.

Core Responsibilities

  • Sit in on client calls alongside our Growth Director
  • Support with lead gen and strategise for pitches
  • Sit in on interviews alongside our Ops Director
  • Hear from our SEO Director on Reboot website activity
  • Motivate internal teams to reach KPIs
  • Join Senior Leadership meetings and be privy to budgets and KPIs
  • Have eyes on our #line-management channel and support HR with queries
  • Feedback to Operations on our career development frameworks and workflows
  • And more!


Grads and young go-getters
From the comfort of your own home (we're all about that remote life)
The lucky applicant can choose
one of the following weeks:
W/C July 8th
W/C July 29th
W/C August 12th

How to apply?

Fill out the form below to apply to our brand-new work experience scheme.
Applications close Friday, May 31st, with shortlisting and interviews to begin the first week of June.

Application for Reboot’s ‘Be a CEO’ initiative