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One of the biggest struggles for businesses in the travel and tourism industry is standing out in a highly competitive market. As an SEO Company, Reboot helps travel brands thrive in a saturated market by offering a crucial step that competitors miss: implementing a digital PR strategy.  


Travel brands: Meet your new digital PR agency

A marketing strategy used to increase the online presence of brands, digital PR focuses on gaining quality backlinks from high authority domains to achieve authentic and trustworthy coverage from relevant publications. 

At Reboot, we take pride in keeping our finger on the pulse of travel and tourism. We continually expand our knowledge in all aspects of the industry and combine this with years of professional experience in digital PR services to provide the most effective services for our clients.

We run individual digital PR campaigns – studies or news stories tailored to each of our travel clients that aim to increase their digital exposure. Our dedicated team of specialists runs through a process of ideation and data analysis to build a digital PR campaign, before outreaching the project or story to relevant journalists and publications.


What are the benefits of digital PR for travel brands?


Increase online presence 

We use proven techniques tailored to each tourism brand to raise digital awareness and direct visitors to each client’s website. With our commercial focus on acquisition, engagement and conversions, you can ensure that our data-driven approach to digital PR for travel will meet your company goals. 

Boost sales, engagement and traffic 

By supporting digital PR with SEO and content marketing for travel brands, Reboot will create a customised plan to boost your sales, engagements and site visitors. We use a combination of data (both primary and secondary), insights and creativity to get more people clicking, sharing, booking and buying. 

Be heard across the world

Considering how digital PR can take your brand across the world, it’s the perfect solution for travel businesses. Our expert team can attain localised and global reach with our distinctive approach to digital PR campaigns.

Digital PR in the travel and tourism industry can achieve exceptional success when done right. It can expose your company’s name to the most relevant people in your sector, as well as increase your general visibility online.

See unparalleled results from personalised digital PR plans

With Reboot’s unique approach to digital PR for travel, you can be confident that you will gain:

▪️ Regular press coverage in relevant publications.

▪️ Campaigns that pique the interest of your target audience.

▪️ Qualified leads that drive organic traffic.

▪️ Seasonal campaigns that boost sales during the busiest times.

Get in touch if you want more information on the personalised plans we can create for your travel company. 


Global digital PR for travel businesses


International and local campaigns

At Reboot, we tailor all content specifically for different journalists. This means going the extra mile to translate press releases, scrape data, and only run highly relevant campaigns for your target destination. 

Our team of digital PR experts can speak 20 different languages between them, enabling us to confidently cater to your needs and help your business reach a worldwide audience. We have the skills and tools to help you reach your target customers, whether in the UK or across the world.

Niche projects

Using niche campaigns to get our clients published in relevant publications has always been a feature of our specialised services. Research shows that this approach positively impacts your SEO compared to only targeting national newspapers. It will attract the relevant people who are most interested in your business. 

To make these highly relevant campaigns possible, we run regular ideation sessions tailored to each client. Our dedicated data team then sources and interprets the data to produce meaningful insights to power successful data-driven campaigns. 

It's a win-win situation with niche campaigns - the relevant publications have a higher likelihood of linking out, and they also show Google that you are an expert in your industry, which will ultimately elevate your position in the SERPs. 

Crucial link building 

If you want to expand your catalogue of backlinks on your travel company website, our research-led and data-backed campaigns will achieve this. With a global diversity of publications linking back to your site, your brand will have a huge advantage over your competition in the tourism industry in acquiring new site visitors and customers. 

Reboot also takes care of tracking all marketing metrics that are important to your business, including unique visits, conversion and abandon rates, ROI and search engine ranking. Our detailed reports will show just how effective building these international links are. 

Creation of on-site assets 

We can bring added value to our travel clients' websites by carrying out unique research and combining it with unique content to create on-site assets. These are original posts that your customers genuinely want to read, encouraging them to stay on your site for longer and therefore decreasing the overall bounce rate. 

Whether it's a blog post, a video or an interactive feature, our personalised on-site assets are created to elevate our clients’ rankings and attract backlinks. They provide journalists with a page to link to and credit for a study, are optimised to appear organically in the SERPs and become a reliable reference for statistics, tips or commentaries in the long term. On-site assets also increase the likelihood of campaigns being shared widely and presented to potential customers beyond the local reach. 

Reboot examines all data to determine what is effective and what is not for your company. We never use a "one-size-fits-all" plan. Instead, we put together individual asset creation strategies, so you can be confident that you'll always receive a tailored approach with original content for your site. 

Inner-pages campaigns

Instead of just targeting your homepage, we can build links to specific inner pages. Whether you want to elevate the ranking of product pages, category pages or particular areas of your site, our expert digital PR team will work with you to achieve higher visibility and increase organic traffic. 

Historically, inner page links have been difficult to obtain due to the specific preferences of different journalists and publications. However, here at Reboot, we have cracked the case by honing expert techniques and creating in-house case studies - providing this service for much longer than other agencies.

We have years of experience at Reboot of tinkering with and improving anchor text, running campaigns and undertaking content overhauls to target inner pages. We have succeeded in this time and time again because we work directly with and listen to our clients to understand and execute exactly what they want from their campaigns. 


International reactive campaigns for travel brands 

One of the most exciting things about working with travel brands is the wide scope of campaigns we can run. Our digital PR team is brimming with ideas frequently sought after by travel journalists and customers alike. 

We have curated and nurtured valuable media contacts who provide expert comments for our reactive campaigns, meaning we are ahead of the game in securing coverage for breaking news.

For a travel client, our expert data team used multiple sources to discover which countries had the highest number of female dorms available. We then combined this with findings from the various reports to develop our own unique angle. With this data, we created a reactive campaign for International Women’s Day: These Are The Most Female-Friendly Destinations For Solo Travellers. 

We circulated the campaign to all countries, resulting in a total of 28 placements with 13 follow links. Follow links include the New Zealand Herald and Portuguese publication, Viagens, which both have a DA of over 90. 

Read our successful tourism campaign case study here


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