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Digital PR focuses on improving your brand’s image by increasing its online presence and authority with Google by securing media coverage and backlinks to your site. A good digital PR strategy for your photography brand will direct visitors to your site and will increase the conversion rate once they’re there.

Digital PR for photography can boost your brand, improve your standing on the SERP and get your talent in front of those who need it. 


Photographers: Meet your new digital PR agency

With Reboot's digital PR services, your photography business will broaden your reach online, building upon your digital footprint across relevant content and media channels.

Reboot has over 40 strong industry experts, who will gain high-quality backlinks from high authority domains whilst adopting a systematic, tried and tested approach, through content ideation, data analysis, market research, and complete content creation services.

All our PR processes are tested, so we know what works. In addition, the team at Reboot is constantly refining these processes to ensure we are ahead of the digital curve and you receive maximum quality exposure for your photography business.


The benefits of digital PR for photographers


Secure essential backlinks

Building high-quality links is an effective way to significantly increase your company's visibility. It is also one of the main objectives of digital PR. 

When you have a lot of authoritative sites linking to your site, search engines will consider your site trustworthy. As a result, you will gain more visibility and trust from potential customers, resulting in higher search engine rankings. Furthermore, when you place your brand in your target audience's favourite online media and maintain a consistent tone of voice, they will start to regard your brand favourably.

Essentially, if people value your brand more, they are more likely to visit your site and purchase your products, resulting in higher conversions.

Having links from reliable sources shows Google and other search engines that you're also credible. This is due to Google looking for expertise, authority, and trustworthiness (E-A-T) throughout your website. Having a high E-A-T will improve your position on a search engine results page when people search for photographers.

Outperform your competitors 

A successful digital PR plan will put you ahead of your competitors by incorporating thought leadership, viral campaigns, public relations, and quotes and insights from experts, in addition to major content-driven initiatives to appeal to a modern audience.

Digital PR connects your brand with reputable media such as major news outlets and speciality industry websites, increasing the target audience's confidence in your brand. Establishing your company online also provides an opportunity to create links, resulting in a comprehensive PR strategy that aids in the achievement of SEO objectives. 

In addition to the SEO benefits of digital PR, your business will gain from increased visitors because of online media coverage. You will intrigue new visitors enough to go onto your site, allowing you to track site activity and retarget new customers with future campaigns.

Protect your brand reputation

Brand reputation for photography businesses is crucial. Your potential clients will not only see your brand in more places online as a result of digital PR strategies, but they will also associate you with these high-authority sites.

This is a huge benefit because protecting your brand's reputation and identity allows you to engage with your target audience, resulting in more conversions and sales.

Increase online visibility 

Digital PR increases your online visibility by allowing you to gain media mentions from a variety of sources. This improves the amount of referral traffic to your website, which feeds into your sales funnel.

Reboot will create custom media campaigns to help your photography business improve its online reputation, boost sales, and meet the objectives that you have set.

Create a distinct brand image

As a photographer, branding is everything. This is mainly due to your industry operating on a ‘word of mouth’ basis and client referrals. Digital PR will help create a distinct brand image as you can control what stories you run and how you want your target audience to view your company.

The more positive stories your target audience reads about you online, the likelihood of them trusting your brand is heightened. In turn, this increases brand credibility and authority within the wider photography industry.


Digital PR services from Reboot

Reboot is a leader in the industry. We have one of the largest teams of data analysts of any digital PR company in the country, and a wealth of primary sources of information we have gathered through in-house research. We also have a team of specialists that are experts in taking new approaches to secondary data, creating a unique and fresh angle for your piece. At Reboot, we can also offer the following: 


National and worldwide campaigns

Digital PR is a tried-and-true method to gain international attention, increase brand visibility, and remain compliant with industry regulations. You'll be one step ahead of your competitors with this global variety in backlinks, increasing your chances of acquiring new clients.

If you want to target a specific country or go completely international, we can help you with our resources, creativity, and experience. We will help your brand travel through Europe and beyond through these campaigns.

A key element of digital PR includes cultivating relationships with journalists by using data to produce engaging articles that they want to write about and link to your site. These are studies that capture attention and direct it towards your website, not just telling Google you’re an expert in your field but your audience too. 

On-site content creation

On-site content is just as crucial as outreaching your campaigns when it comes to digital PR. Reboot will scrape raw data to bring genuinely helpful and interesting assets to your websites, such as a blog post, a video, or an interactive page. 

These assets are designed to give more information to journalists interested in covering the campaign, which will increase the chance of them providing a link. Not only that, but a good story will encourage new customers to visit your site to find out more.

Content assets will also provide longevity in your digital marketing strategy. We have even seen campaigns get picked up from high-authority publications years down the line.

Essential generation of backlinks

Reboot will combine data-driven campaigns and broad outreaching services to many backlinks. You can customise the campaign's size and aim to match any marketing budget, with our guarantee that you will see the benefits of the backlinks generated. 

These backlinks are pivotal in determining your ranking position. After all, if you’re associated with influential and authoritative sites, search engines will view your website with similar authority.

Targeted inner-page campaigns

Backlinks to internal pages, such as individual category or product pages, have long been difficult to get because the majority of online publications will choose to link to your brand’s home page. Yet, there will be times when you need to target inner pages in order to boost sales of a specific product or gain visibility on a service. 

To secure inner-page links for our clients, Reboot employs a team of digital PR gurus who have spent years developing techniques to gain them. All you need to do is tell us the pages you want to target, and we’ll get to work. 

Reactive campaigns and newsjacking 

Our team of specialists knows what to look for in news and trending topics to find a campaign idea that will capture people’s attention. We work fast with a reactive approach, fast enough that the campaign is released while the topic is still hot - we won’t leave your brand in the background. 

We also use a carefully cultivated calendar to know exactly what is coming up to begin the ideation process early and time our campaigns perfectly.


Using unique datasets to produce successful campaigns 

Data-led campaigns are what the teams at Reboot focus on. Whilst government and research data is key to many projects, we also use information from platforms that many other digital PR companies often overlook. 

Using Instagram to collect primary data opens up a new domain of potential campaigns. For example, for one successful campaign, the digital PR team looked into the most Instagrammed plants worldwide by accessing different metrics such as the number of posts on specific plants and the number of likes.

Diving into this new data set and using it to produce a topically relevant campaign resulted in 22 placements, including follow links in high-authority publications such as the BBC and ELLE magazine

Using Instagram data is a great idea for photography brands because of how relevant the social media platform is. In addition, many photographers promote their own services on the platform, so figuring out ways to utilise data from Instagram will help to tap right into your target audience.


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