Technical SEO for Ticket Gum

The Brief

Ticketgum is one of the UK’s most trusted and well-established online ticket brokers for sports events such as football, rugby and tennis. Although they are ranking well for many key terms there were still some missed opportunities for some high-volume keywords which could convert into business leads. The goal was to improve their organic online visibility for specific landing pages.

Our Strategy

We began with a technical audit on three landing pages which we wanted to optimise. We ensured that the pages were free from any technical errors and conducted a content audit which revealed that the pages had some duplicate content. Secondly, we performed keyword research to know what the most common terms were that users type into Google to find the product. Finally, we conducted competitor analysis and identified content gaps.
Once these revelations were made, our copywriters worked on creating new original content and added more relevant key terms on these pages. Meta title, header tags and meta descriptions were also optimised with user centric search terms.

The Results

Our strategy resulted in several key benefits for the client and the ranking of the site. The updated and optimised content not only offered more information to potential customers landing on the page (potentially helping improve user experience signals, a key ranking factor once a site hits the first page of results) but also reduced the amount of duplicate content found on key pages. This continued optimisation strategy ensures that the quality of the website is improving consistently and, in this case, helped push the page in higher positions for the target keywords. The 3 re-written pages now rank higher in the search results for several high volume, high competition and high buyer intent search terms.

Results Chart - Technical SEO for Ticket Gum
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"Who knew that something as simple as updating and optimising the content on key landing pages could have such big results"

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The results

This image above shows the jump on ranking position within 3 weeks.
Results Chart
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