Long-Tail Keyword Research for Click4Reg

The Brief

As with many of our content marketing clients, we strive to get our clients ranking for relevant keywords in their industry through cleverly constructed content. In this case study, for our private number plate selling client Click4Reg, we looked into commonly asked questions at different points of a private number plate buyer’s purchasing journey. This would help us form some topic clusters that would be perfect for our client's blog.

Our Strategy

Our strategy was to use the various keyword research tools at our disposal, alongside Google itself, to determine a gap in content that we could fill. We stumbled across the frequently asked question “What happens to your old number plate when you change it?” (search volume of over 300 a month). A quick Google search determined that there was currently no content out there that adequately answered the question. We felt this was an appropriate piece of content to make for Click4reg, as the search intent of the query was informational- meaning there is scope to attract a prospect in order to convert them into a visitor and then a lead.

Our content writing team then got to work, researching and writing a response to the query.

The Results

Aided by the relevancy of our client’s site to the query (being about number plates) and the fact that our content was the only post that responded to the query effectively, we rank number one for the keyword. Due to the optimisation of our post, we also earned the coveted feature snippet box.

The blog post in question is currently ranking for 594 terms in the UK (624 globally!). For these keywords, Click4Reg holds one featured snippet, the top 10 position for 37 keywords and top 20 positions for 236 of the keywords!

The combined PPC value of this blog post (this would be if everyone who searched for each query were to click on our blog post, which is unlikely, but still fun to calculate) – this combined value would be a whopping £112,490 and 30p a month that Click4Reg would have to fork out!  

Results Chart - Long-Tail Keyword Research for Click4Reg
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