The Knowledge Academy Case Study

The Brief

The Knowledge Academy, is global training company, based in the UK, providing IT, business and project management training courses, and was recently featured on The Sunday Times’ Fast Track 100 index. We worked with The Knowledge Academy to curate educational and career focused digital PR campaigns to monitor traffic and increase brand awareness to encourage individuals to apply for training courses.

The Results

This campaign went viral, reaching more than 40 UK and international audiences, tabloids, lifestyle magazines and business outlets.

Our Strategy

Have you ever wondered how employable you would be if you were judged solely on your name? Or, once employed, how much you could earn, depending on your first name? Here at Reboot, we were inspired by this concept, and we investigated the value offered to the nation’s 20 most popular baby names from The Office For National Statistics (ONS), and manually inputting the names into Adzuna’s ‘Value My Name’ tool, to provide a salary estimate based on 500,000 CV’s that have been uploaded to their ‘Value My CV’ tool.
"Incredibly clever campaign! Who knew something so small like your first name could mean you can earn the big bucks"

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The Results

The Knowledge Academy: The above graph illustrates the direct results the campaign had on the visibility of the client's site