High Relevancy Campaigns, Earning Authoritiative Links

The Brief

Our brief for digital PR campaigns for our clients is always consistent – gain editorially credited placements for the research we conduct for our clients, helping increase their online visibility, brand reputation, and drive organic traffic to their site; thus, elevating rankings.

To achieve this common goal, we research and plan monthly digital PR campaigns which are niche and relevant for our client Live Football Tickets. With competitive search terms, it is extremely important to keep up to date with industry news, displaying a plethora of knowledge through meticulously researched online campaigns which the press and media cannot access or do themselves.

This led us to building several campaigns this year which include:

  1. The most prolific Premier League tacklers 2018/19
  2. The Premier League goal scorer that is the most valuable
  3. Football YouTube Channels: Who earns over $1,000,000 a MONTH?

Our Strategy

Our campaigns used data derived from the Premier League website, as the data is the most authoritative. What makes us stand out is through our ability to extract secondary data and re-purpose it, becoming our own unique primary data, highlighting new and exciting angles. We have learnt that journalists in the football/sports industry like to see a unique spin on data/news they cannot necessarily do themselves for multiple reasons. This is our strategy to succeed. 

Our stategy for our digital marketing campaign detailing the most expensive players and their cost per appearance, consisted of taking the 15 players with the most goals in the 2018/19 season and their estimated annual salary. We then wanted to ascertain their "value per goal" by dividing the number of goals against their salary.  

Likewise, for our most recent campaign indicating the football YouTube channels which earn the most per month from ads and merchandise, we pulled the most popular channels watched, their average monthly video views, and input the data into an online calculator to identify the maximum earning potential from ads and merchandise.

When conducting our online campaigns, we are very much aware who our target audience is. No matter how intriguing the data, our strategy always involves interpreting football statistics in an unusual and unique way, enticing football experts and fans alike to enjoy the content we produce.  

The Results

Topic and link placement relevancy are increasingly on the rise, and there’s further evidence to suggest inbound referring domains which are topically relevant is even more sought after. 

Considering this, the campaigns were not only some of our most successful campaigns of 2019, but the most successful in attaining new referring domains we had not had previous success with – proving we could benefit from high DA sites that were also topically relevant.  

Collectively for just three campaigns, our client benefitted from more than 50 placements – locally and internationally, including links from talkSport, Goal.com, Inside World Football, Football.London and Live Soccer TV.

Snippet from talkSport’s article:

Results Chart - High Relevancy Campaigns, Earning Authoritiative Links
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"Reboot’s astounding knowledge to interpret accessible football statistics and transform them into unique angles is something to be heralded. Just three campaigns earnt us more than 50 highly sought-after placements from leading football publications!"

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