Generating Global, Authoritative Coverage From Newsjacking Campaigns

The Brief

In an ever-changing news landscape, keeping up with the news is even more important when delivering a digital PR strategy.

Reactive, or ‘newsjacking’ campaigns takes a special skill and the digital PR team know a thing or two about pinpointing the right opportunities for maximum success. Reactive campaigns are angle-heavy, on-the-ball, help elevate a client’s expertise within their speciality, and can produce high DA placements, which are also super relevant.  

Two recent examples of newsjacking PR campaigns that we secured for clients across high-ranking publications include:

Bridgerton: THIS Is How Much Their Jewellery Costs in Real Life
Online data shows the MOST Googled White House questions

Our Strategy

Speed, ingenuity, and a polished idea is at the very centre of every successful PR newsjacking campaign.

The first digital PR campaign for our client OnBuy centered around the success of Netflix’s hit period drama Bridgerton. We knew the news would be incredibly saturated and competitive with content about the show, so to effectively ride the wave, providing journalists with a new and unique spin, we were keen to find out how much the jewellery worn in the show would have cost in real life. To find out, we scouted an expert who provided us with an exclusive insight. 

The second example for our client Online Mortgage Advisor focused on the inauguration of Joe Biden into the White House. Again, knowing how flooded news outlets would be, we needed to find a niche entry point that would relate to the client’s expertise, as well as identifying potential outreach demographics who were covering the inauguration, but would also be interested in additional figures to support existing articles written, or upcoming features.

To do this, we extracted global search volume data using analytical tools about the most common questions about the White House.

The Results

Our goal was to ensure heightened coverage, with relevant placements achieved across top national, tier 1 sites, as well as industry-specific news anchors. Both campaigns achieved these goals coherently.

Our campaign around the most googled White House questions, achieved a 100% link rate. Not to mention, the average DA score for placements was 70, indicating a strong presence across powerful sites. Other more relatable links included Ideal Home, House Beautiful and Apartment Therapy. 

Moreover, having tapped into the elite world of Bridgerton, we were determined to ensure our campaign efforts would be met with successful links from a range of publications of varying niches and dominance. This reactive campaign reached media outlets in Germany, Australia, France, Croatia, and the UK, having secured placements in publications such as Elle, Red Online, Metro, Welt and 

The campaign also awarded us a spot in The Weekly PR.

To view all placements achieved, visit our links earned page. 

Results Chart - Generating Global, Authoritative Coverage From Newsjacking Campaigns
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