Earning Relevant Backlinks for the Cybersecurity Niche

The Brief

Of all digital PR campaigns we conduct for our clients, one thing is constant: to gain high-quality placements, with high domain authorities, that are also relevant to our client’s market.

For our cybersecurity client, Specops Software, we set out to increase rankings for competitive keywords on the SERP across the UK and Europe by getting creative with our organic link building efforts.

Our Strategy

Our strategy was to brainstorm specific campaign ideas to tap into the UK and European market. The Digital PR team began by discussing possible headlines and finding unique datasets with our data analysts, in order to successfully capture the attention of journalists in the UK and overseas, thus earning high-quality backlinks for our client in return. 

We carried out two campaigns to do this: the European countries most at risk of cyber-crime, and the countries most frequently targeted by ‘significant’ cyber attacks, capitalising on gaining coverage both in the UK and in various publications around Europe too, where our client also operates. 

Not only are these campaigns highly relevant to our client’s market, but with the data spanning across all European countries it helped to widen outreach scope, with the aim to increase their online visibility, brand reputation, and drive organic traffic to their site across Europe.

The Results

These campaigns for Specops Software achieved more than 80 placements, many of which were from new referring domains we have not had before from international websites. Many placements came from high DA sites that were also topically relevant, which is highly important in link building today. 

Some links include Business Insider (Australia), Business Insights, Info Security magazine, Mashable (Netherlands), ITpro, and even Statista - a top tier publication with a DA of 91!

Results Chart - Earning Relevant Backlinks for the Cybersecurity Niche
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