Digital PR Campaign for Click4reg

The Brief

Click4reg is one of the leading private number plate companies in the UK, with competitive search volumes and key terms. And considering how saturated the market is, it was imperative for us to keep up with the times, changing laws and conversations surrounding British motorists.

This concept inspired the digital PR team to explore how competent British drivers are when identifying common Highway Code signs. This would in turn allow us to engage with a large-scale market of adults aged 17 and above, securing high-quality backlinks to our client’s site. Whilst, exploring new opportunities to produce further related research.

Our Strategy

Our strategy involved researching the most common traffic signs found within the Highway Code and identifying which signs were misunderstood or misinterpreted. After extensive research was carried out, we surveyed active drivers across the UK, and each participant was presented with 12 common road signs and asked to choose what they thought was the correct answer. The results then determined the percentage of respondents who identified which signs were most and least well-known.   

We then used the data to determine our target audience and target journalist/s and media outlets. In doing so, we designed two versions of the quiz – one displaying the percentage of respondents who could not correctly name the road sign, which was outreached to our database of motoring and current affairs journalists at high profile broadsheet papers. Whilst the other graphic was designed as an interactive quiz, with the answers displayed at the bottom. The quiz was then sent to journalists who wrote for automotive publications, and tabloid papers such as The Sun and The Mirror.   

The Results

What helped our digital PR campaign gain credible backlinks to Click4reg’s website, was the fact it was topical, current and new data which journalists and consumer readers had not come across in recent months. It meant competition was low, and we were able to work closely with media publications of all varieties keen to publish the research.

The campaign itself benefitted from more than 30 editorially credited links such as What Car, iNews, Express, and The Real Motor Mouth, as well as regional publications, driving organic visitors to our client’s homepage. Take a look at some of the placements Click4reg benefitted from here

Results Chart - Digital PR Campaign for Click4reg
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The results

Results Chart
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