Content marketing for GolfSupport

The Brief

Our client is a leading UK online golf apparel retailer. They were looking to target gaps in their content marketing strategy in order to reach a bigger audience and drive sales of their products- in particular looking at directing traffic to their golf club pages.

Our Strategy

Our strategy was to look at the keywords their potential clients may be typing into Google that they had not yet targeted. In order to do this, we combined the skills of our SEO and content marketing teams. 

After conducting keyword and competitor analysis we got to writing some fantastic content that would target our potential clients at the right moment in their buyer’s journey. It was important to not only create engaging content that would rank, but to answer user intent to such an extent that they felt ready to move onto the next purchase stage. 

We decided to create a content pillar (a large guide) with small pieces of cluster content that answered more specific questions a would-be golfer may have. We used some clever internal linking to product pages in order to help direct traffic and increase conversion rate.

The Results

Since our focus on creating rich pillar content, GolfSupport’s blog has seen a 128% increase in page views (equal to over 33,000 more views).  This has generated a 41% increase in sales leads for the targeted product: golf clubs. 

The series of content has also placed GolfSupport in the top 10 rankings on Google’s SERP for 30 keywords with potential commercial intent that they previously did not feature for. 

This has given GolfSupport additional traffic potential of over 2,500 searches every month. When it comes to value, the content is worth over a potential £1,000 a month in PPC advertising! 

Since our content was created a few months ago, Golfsupport has achieved 1,860 clicks and the blog posts’ keywords featuring in Google’s top 10 have created over 88,000 impressions. 

Another important result from our engaging content was that the amount of time spent on the blog almost doubled, and bounce rate decreased by 46% - an important ranking factor.

Results Chart - Content marketing for GolfSupport
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"We wanted content that would genuinely help answer customer queries and point them to the products they needed. Reboot's content pillars have brought the right kind of traffic to our blog."

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