Content marketing for Click4Reg

The Brief

Click4Reg is one of the UK's top private number plate retailers. They wanted more traffic coming through their blog, using it to target potential customer queries that they could convert into sales.

Our Strategy

Using some of the content marketing tools at our disposal, the team got to looking at popular queries and content in Click4Reg’s field. We found that potential customers were searching for number plates in the cheaper price brackets, but their queries were not being efficiently answered. 

Our in-house content writers got to creating a blog post that targeted a specific query: “Cheap Private Number Plates Under £200”. As a search term, the team felt conversion potential was high- as the user intent was most likely to be transactional.

The Results

The results for one piece of content have been extremely beneficial for Click4Reg. Currently, the post ranks number 1 for the competitive keyword. The content has saved our client around £413 in PPC advertising every month.

Reboot was able to find the sweet spot between a longtail keyword that had high search volume, but was not impossible to rank for. It is still in the top 10 most clicked-on queries for our client and has generated 40,411 impressions with 3,000 extra clicks to the blog so far. This is a particularly good feat considering the high conversion potential of the post.

Results Chart - Content marketing for Click4Reg
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"We are very happy with the content Reboot has produced for our blog. It has increased visitors to our website and helped them convert into customers."

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