Creating High-Quality Content To Achieve High Authority Links

The Brief

Lottie is a UK-based digital marketplace whose primary goal is to connect care seekers with leading care homes for a fair price. We were tasked with creating unique and entertaining content for this client, aiming to secure relevant backlinks from publications their target audience read. The primary goal was to increase brand visibility and boost the website organically. We set out to do exactly that by creating rich and valuable content which could be used to secure authoritative backlinks from credible sites.

Our Strategy


Countless studies have shown the positive impact of music on cognition. According to the NHS, music enhances quality of life, reduces anxiety and depression, and even has a positive impact on carers. With this in mind, we conducted a study to find out the type of music that helps those living with dementia the most. The chosen study was unique and highly relevant to the client’s niche, ensuring that the content we created was valuable to both the client and their readers. 

As a starting point, we researched and identified the benefits that music can bring to those with dementia from a variety of sources, such as Dementia UK, Alzheimer's Research, NHS and Practical Neurology.

The study was conducted using Spotify’s developer API. This tool allowed us to score songs from five different decades, after extracting information on danceability, energy, loudness, speechiness, valence, and tempo. Using these scores, we created The Ultimate Spotify Playlist for Someone Living With Dementia. 

We were able to curate two playlists that were ideal for those living with dementia — an upbeat one (improves mood and cognition) and a calming one (reduces stress and helps relax).

Once we had completed the study, we set to work on the next stage: content asset creation. Content assets are an invaluable tool for companies wishing to boost their website. They are great lead generators, and they are also compelling and useful for new customers — helping readers to believe in what a business does. Our focus when producing a content asset on the ultimate Spotify playlist for people living with dementia for Lottie was that it was genuinely useful information that is relevant to the business.

Not only do these assets establish trust between a business and its readers, but they also attract other journalists who wish to share the data — an essential component of our link-building services. Backlinks, particularly from high DR websites, will help our client’s website climb the ranking by showing Google that its information is credible and trustworthy. In order to comply with Google’s guidelines, these links can only be earned (not bought), highlighting the importance of creating unique, valuable content. 

The Results


The asset we created was also used to increase our client’s brand visibility. By exposing the client to more readers, they are more likely to gain (and retain) customers. The digital PR efforts ensured that Lottie gained attention from well-known publications mixed with publications that are relevant to their niche.

The campaign we produced for Lottie successfully gained a host of relevant and high-authority links to Lottie’s website, including a follow-link from the New York Post (DR 91). This high DR link is highly beneficial in boosting our client's search engine rankings. It will also increase Lottie’s own DR ranking, leading to even more future success in the SERPs.

The links gained have come from a wide range of sources, including Yorkshire Evening Post (a high DR ranking publication, located in a region covered by Lottie’s care services), Psychreg (experts within the niche), and HomeCare Magazine (a highly relevant and well-known publication in Lottie’s industry). 

All the links we gained for Lottie that point towards the on-site asset further spread “link juice” (also known as link equity) which will help the website rank higher in the SERPs, and improve the client’s SEO as a whole. 

Results Chart - Creating High-Quality Content To Achieve High Authority Links
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