Achieving global coverage for Longevita Hair Transplant

The Brief

As with the best campaigns from any digital PR agency, our work with hair transplant company Longevita was centered around one core aim—to gain as much high-domain, industry-relevant coverage as possible. While the primary goal was clear, our expert team incorporated an array of proven methods to ensure maximum success for our campaign and the client.

We made it our mission to generate widespread online exposure for our client by sourcing relevant placements and high-quality backlinks from the most reputable outlets.

We targeted UK audiences as well as international publications to increase the reach of our campaign and raise brand awareness. Our final objective was to create a buzz across social media platforms for the campaign and get as many people sharing it as possible.

Campaigns for clients that operate in a niche industry are one of our specialties. For our ‘Sexiest Bald Men’ campaign with Longevita, we spent hours researching and engaging with industry-relevant news and worked on constructing our own high-quality data. By doing so, we were able to produce a campaign that was both relevant to our niche and capable of generating mass global interest.

Our Strategy


We pitched a study on ‘the ten sexiest bald men in the world’ that Longevita were delighted to run with. The data for our campaign was gathered by searching for the following keywords on Google: “name of celebrity’ + ‘sexy’. We then narrowed down the search to show just ‘news’ pages. 

We made it our aim to secure placements in at least 15 online media outlets, across a minimum of three countries. Initially, we hoped to acquire at least 20 post shares about the campaign on social media.

Though we identified our target audience as balding men aged between 30-50, we suspected that the celebrity theme of the content would have enough appeal to attract a wider demographic. Initially, we hypothesized that the unorthodox methodology could breed controversial results which could inspire significant engagement and debate online. The final result that saw Prince William emerge as number one in our study, validated our predictions.

To reach our target audience, we tailored our campaign angle and prospect list to match the likely interests of 30-50-year-old males. By basing our campaign around the sexiest bald men, we knew the interest of men who had insecurities in this area would be piqued.

To further their interest, we used a seed list of male celebrities that we knew would appeal to this demographic, including 90s legends such as Mike Tyson and The Rock.

With the campaign operating on a relatively strict budget, it was paramount that we had a powerful angle that was able to generate interest on its own. By combining our idea with our controversial results, we were able to achieve this.

The Results


Having initially set a target of securing 15 online media placements, our campaign would spectacularly exceed both ours and the client’s expectations—going genuinely viral and receiving unprecedented engagement from celebrities and high-profile media outlets.

Overall, we earned 165 media placements for our client around the globe, featuring them in renowned outlets like:


·        Mashable

·        The Guardian

·        Buzzfeed

·        Men’s Health

·        Vanity Fair

·        The Sun

·        Daily Star

·        Yahoo

·        Marie Claire

·        Lad Bible

·        Independent

·        MSN

·        Insider

·        US Magazine

We far exceeded our target of three global placements by featuring in 20 different countries including the US, Australia, France, Mexico, Spain, Hungary, Poland, China, Singapore, Greece, South Africa, and more.

Unsurprisingly, the global reach of our campaign ensured that we received phenomenal coverage on social media. Having initially targeted 20 online shares, the articles covering our campaign would eventually achieve combined engagement figures of over 60,000.

The success of the campaign was bolstered further by vast celebrity engagement, with global stars like The Rock, Mike Tyson, and Dave Bautista sharing and engaging with the campaign online.

Alongside this, the debate and discussion on Twitter for the campaign amassed 9,994 tweets, with a high volume mentioning the campaign or client’s brand name specifically. This figure is likely to have risen considerably since we stopped tracking the numbers.

While it’s impossible to predict whether a campaign will capture enough public interest to go truly viral, our tried and tested Digital PR methods provide our clients with the best possible opportunity to raise their brand’s profile online.

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