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29 Feb 2024
Darci Vivian
29 Feb 2024
29 Feb 2024

Reboot Introduce Nomad Working Policy

In 2021, Reboot became one of the first search-led digital marketing agencies to offer a 4-day working week. It’s been a huge success; our employees love it

So, four years on, we wanted to offer our employees another benefit to help improve their work-life balance and accommodate their various demands and lifestyles. 

We are thrilled to introduce our Nomad Working Policy, which reflects our dedication to enabling our workers to succeed wherever they may be in the world.

What is Nomad Working? 

For Reboot, this means as long as the location's time zone is no more than three hours difference from the UK, our employees have the flexibility to work remotely from another country outside of the UK.

Whether they want to live in a hostel or Airbnb it, stay with family or camp at the top of a mountain (WiFi permitting ?) for a few weeks, it won’t eat into their generous holiday allowance.

Why we introduced a nomad working policy 

But why have a Nomad Working Policy in the first place? Here are some reasons behind our decision:

1. Work-Life Balance

Both employee productivity and well-being depend on a positive work-life balance. Our team members can effortlessly incorporate work into their lives through Nomad Working, regardless of whether they are travelling to see relatives, experiencing a new culture, or just wanting a change of scenery.


2. Enhanced Creativity and Productivity

Studies have indicated that changing someone's surroundings can enhance creativity and increase output. We promote new ideas and creative thinking by giving our staff members the option to work from diverse locations. 

Nomad Working enables our team members to reach their most creative potential, whether that means taking inspiration from a busy city or finding peace close to a relaxed beach setting.


3. Talent Attraction and Retention

Providing flexible work schedules is a strong strategy for attracting and retaining top talent within today's employment market. Because of our Nomad Working Policy, which illustrates our dedication to honouring each employee's unique needs and preferences, Reboot is a desirable place for individuals looking for a forward-thinking workplace culture.

How will it work? 

Naturally, with freedom comes great responsibility. Clear rules and conditions accompany our Nomad Working Policy, such as:

✔️ Requesting Nomad Working days at least four weeks in advance.

✔️ Ensuring that any requests for Nomad Working days comply with local laws regarding remote work.

At Reboot, we’re proud of our culture, and we believe that giving our team the freedom to work as they choose is not just a benefit but a strategic necessity. By adopting Nomad Working, we're not only improving our team members' productivity and well-being but also reshaping the workplace of the future to be inclusive, dynamic and progressive. 

Nomad Working in action

Laura, one of Reboot’s Digital PR Managers, was the first to trial our Nomad Working Policy and worked in sunny Spain for a month. Here’s what she had to say about her experience: 

“Our Nomad Working initiative allowed me to spend quality time with family members living abroad who I don’t get to see very often, creating invaluable memories.”

“Work-wise, it didn’t make any difference due to there only being a one-hour time difference and robust WiFi in my area. This meant that I got to spend lunches sunbathing by the pool, enjoy evenings with my loved ones, and with the extra perk of a three-day weekend, I had plenty of time to explore.” 

“I’m already eagerly anticipating the next opportunity to relive this experience — especially after not having much of a summer here in England!”

Want to learn more about Reboot? 

We’re a search-led digital marketing agency that helps brands of all sizes challenge for visibility and grow in every industry. We’re also hot on culture and ensuring our employees are living their best lives. 

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